The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (2022)

Looking for the best organic & natural hair dyes this year? Our definitive guide is sure to help!

By Sophia Hussain

Women have always coveted long, luxurious locks, as it’s the ultimate signature of feminine youth and beauty. We use hair coloring and toners to better match our personal style, or to mask emerging grey hair. But as much as we may love them, there’s no denying that all permanent hair colours contain a cocktail of chemicals. The trick is choosing the best natural hair dyes.

What should you look for on the label of natural hair dye?

The most common – and dangerous – of these chemicals is probably PPDs (p-Phenylenediamine). This has been linked to bladder cancer, lung, kidney and nervous system disorders and severe allergic reactions. It’s almost impossible to formulate a hair color without PPDs, but the most important factor is the concentration of the chemical.

In mainstream supermarket brands, it can be as high as 5-6%, whereas natural hair dyes use less than 1%. And yes, that difference does mean a lot: it’s the difference between, say, smoking a pack of cigarettes and being beside someone having a smoke.

Another dangerous chemical group isPersulfates. These include sodium, potassium and ammonium sulphates are present in hair dyes and bleaches, and are used in concentrations of up to 60%. However, concentrations of only 17.5% have been shown to irritate skin. Persulphates are also toxic when the fumes are inhaled, they cause asthma and lung damage. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel has concluded that they are safe for occasional use, provided that the skin is rinsed well after.

More hair dye chemicals to avoid


This receives a nasty 8 out of 10 for danger at the Cosmetics Safety Database. It is classified by the European Union as harmful, irritant to eyes and skin and dangerous for the environment. It may also disrupt hormonal function, and lead to hypothyroidism.


Ammonia is irritant to the skin, eyes and respiratory system, and can cause asthma and breathing difficulties. However, it is much less toxic than PPD, and only receives a rating of 3 out of 10 for toxicity at the Cosmetics Safety Database. Still, many companies are phasing out this harsh ingredient, which compromises the integrity of the hair shaft, too.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used in hair bleaches. It is corrosive, and has been banned from cosmetic use in Japan and restricted in Canada. Animal studies have shown it has toxic effects on the nervous system, respiratory and digestive systems at low doses.

Lead acetate

This is present in some hair colouring products used for gradual darkening, and is another potentially toxic chemical. Lead has well-known damaging effects on the brain and nervous system.


This ingredient has been linked to development of cancer.

Worried your brand may contain some of these? A good tip for those living in the Americas would be to buy European or Japanese brands: the EU and Japan have banned many toxic ingredients that are still permitted elsewhere. Click here to see more information about that.

Why avoid non natural hair colors?

Knowing that consumers have become savvy to the dangers of chemicals in hair dye, manufacturers have gone all-out in their attempts to greenwash their products. Don’t be fooled! Just because the name of a product may sound ‘green and clean’ doesn’t mean it is.

Some of the worst offenders? L’Oreal Natural Match (the ‘natural’ refers to your original hair colour, but could easily be misinterpreted); Garnier HerbaShine (yes, it contains bamboo and has no ammonia, but it also contains high levels hydrogen peroxide and chemical fragrance), and Clairol Natural Instincts (again, ammonia free, but packed with other harmful chemicals, including parabens and hydrogen peroxide).

It should be noted that permanent dark colours will always have some PPDs. In America, the legal maximum is 2%; brands that really try hard to be natural (such as those below) could contain as little as .06%.

Pregnant? It’s your choice

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to use permanent dyes, but keep this in mind: pregnant women are strongly advised not to colour their hair, and the Environmental Working Group found that 69% of hair dye products they tested for their Skin Deep database may pose cancer risks. A 1994 National Cancer Institute report states dark dyes used over long periods of time seem to increase the risk of cancers such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Despite all the potential dangers, in America, the FDA doesn’t regulate hair dye ingredients (synthetic or natural) at all.

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You should be aware that all permanent colors will always use some chemicals; that’s true even in the best natural hair dyes. Choosing the one that is the least damaging and most natural really is a case of using the best information you have to do so.

But never fear – we’ve done the research for you, and selected some of the best natural hair dyes – and even organic hair dyes – around.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (1)

1. Saach Organics

PETA certified Saach Organics Natural Hair Colors are semi-permanent hair dyes derived from natural plants and minerals, making it a perfect blend of rare hair treatment herbs without any active chemicals.

Made by a small company with a speciality in natural beauty, Saach Organics is easy to contact if you have any questions. These natural hair colors are the first semi-permanent hair dyes which cover grey hair effectively in one simple step. Made with herbs grown and harvested according to Ayurvedic Indian traditions, the powdered dye gently coats your hair for vibrant, stable color that lasts.

The organic dyes balance and nourish each hair shaft and help prevent breakage and over-drying, leaving hair thick, lustrous and naturally healthy. They are even suitable for hypersensitive skins, and provide 100% gray coverage, without the use of PPD, Ammonia or Peroxides. This is a rarity, in that it is one of the few purely organic hair dyes, and it’s also one of the best natural black hair dye brands, too.

Natural rating: 10/10 Colour hold: 8/10 Vegan? Yes

Benefits: 100% Organic formulation – mainly plant-based indigo or henna powder. Covers greys. Henna is a fantastic alternative to the traditional box dyes and is also the safest option if you are allergic to other dyes. That some might be allergic to henna itself, so be sure to spot test before you apply it fully.

Downsides? Given that this comes in a DIY mix powder, this can be a bit messy to use

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (2)The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (3)

2. Mayraki Hair Dye Shampoo

Friends, this is something of a miracle!

Forget the mixing bowl. This plant-based Mayraki Grey Coverage Hair Dye Shampoo is already blended for you! There are absolutely NO nasties, and no harshness at all. It’s perfect for those of us with sensitive skin.

Simply massage into dry hair, wait 40 minutes, and rinse out.

This permanent shampoo-type hair dye delivers beautiful, evenly colored hair with its non-drip, conditioning formula.

Natural rating: 10/10 Colour hold: 9/10 Vegan?Yes

Benefits: This is an easy to use, all natural hair dye. The plant-based formula colors and conditions the hair making it thicker, shinier, and healthier. Plus, it fully covers greys.

Downsides? This dye tends to give you ‘hot roots’. In other words, your roots may dye lighter than the rest of your hair. Read the directions on the package on how to avoid this. Also, it only comes in 4 shades.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (4)

3. Herbatint

This popular line of Italian-madenatural hair dyes is specially formulated from all-natural herb extracts. These include rosemary, cinchona and walnut husks, They all gently bring a natural, vibrant color to your hair. Although the brand is 100% free of parabens, alcohol, ammonia, resorcinol and perfumes, it does contain hydrogen peroxide in most shades.

I have personally used this product for years, and though I have super-sensitive skin, I’ve had no issues. The coverage of gray is thorough, and the brand is 100% vegan friendly, and halal, as well.

Natural rating: 8/10 Colour hold: 10/10Vegan?Yes

Benefits: We love this hair dye! You can use as much or as little as you need, since the applicator and color come in two different bottles, which can be ‘saved’ for later. Plus, it fully covers greys, and offers loads of natural and ‘fantasy’ colors, with both golden or red undertones.

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Downsides? Honestly can’t think of any!

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (5)

4. The Henna Guys

Have you got sensitive skin? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Of all the natural hair dyes here, this could well be the safest choice for you! It’s a certified organic, 100% natural hair color that has no PPD, peroxide or ammonia whatsoever.

The formula of their natural hair dyes uses premium certified organic herbs to create a herbal hair color that even helps to resolve issues like dandruff, dryness, and premature graying. Mainly based on plants like henna and indigo, like Saach Organics, this is one of the best all-organic hair dyes out there. Especially for natural black hair dye.

Natural rating: 10/10 Colour hold: 8/10Vegan?Yes

Benefits: Pure & Natural Henna Powder covers gray hair completely. It also conditions the hair, improving growth and health with every application.

Downsides? Henna dyes darken hair and give it a slight reddish tint. Which is fine, if you like red undertones.It comes as a smooth triple-sifted powder that you add water to to form a paste, which some may find a bit messy.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (6)

5. Natulique Organic Colors

This certified organic, pro-salon range of permanent hair color includes a selection that can either enhance your natural hair hue, or deliver more avant garde pastel hued locks. Promising 1oo% gray coverage, a blend of certified organic ingredients – including natural sunflower seed extract and jojoba, apricot and grapeseed oils – activates the color to fortify the hair for a healthy color boost.

This 95% natural brand also contains a cocktail of essential organic juicy grapefruit and lemon oils to help make your hair smell great, and contains a PPD-free range, too.

Natural rating: 8/10 Colour hold: 8/10 Vegan?Yes

Benefits: This contains a low concentration of chemicals, but delivers incredible color results. It contains low PPD, and has no ammonia.

Downsides? It might not cover all grey hairs, especially if they’re coarse.


The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (7)

6. ONC Natural Colors

ONC Natural Colors are much healthier than almost any of the other natural hair dyes out there. They have a low pH. They use heat from a blow dryer to open cuticles rather than a high pH chemical that can damage your health and that of your hair. It smells a bit of bananas, washes off your skin easily (but not your hair, obviously), and doesn’t leave a hard demarcation line after regrowth.

Because this is basically hair care and hair dye in one bottle, it nourishes your locks and scalp whilst changing the color of your hair. Of course, it’s permanent and lasts as long as any nasty chemical brand.

Natural rating: 8/10 Colour hold: 9/10 Vegan? Yes

Benefits: ONC Natural Colors offers one of the widest varieties of colors around. Just about anyone should be able to find their perfect match!

Downsides? This is one of the pricier brands, so not ideal if you dye your hair frequently.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (8)

7. Naturtint Natural Hair Colors

Fancy rouge ends or an ombre gradient? In three easy steps, choose to either dye selected strands, sections, or simply coat the entire head in your selected hue with Naturtint Natural Hair Colors.

(Video) Organic Hair Colour Suggested by Fit Tuber | Vegetal 100% Safe Natural Hair Colour Review

Of course, there are the basic staple options for brunettes and blondes, too. This low-chemical brand contains no parabens, resorcinol, DEA, SLS, mineral oils or ammonia.

Their creamy, plant based formula is safe for anyone of any age. Naturtint easily and permanently covers gray hairs, no matter how many you may have!

Natural rating: 9/10 Colour hold: 8/10 Vegan?Yes

Benefits: Naturtint Permanent hair color contains oleic acid. This is derived from olives, and provides an anti-oxidation to protect your follicles.

Downsides? This has hydrogen peroxide, which some may be sensitive to.

8. Naturigin Permanent Hair Colour

This innovative Danish brand won the best Natural Beauty Product 2014-2015 in the US market. No surprise, since its natural hair dyes are 100% free from PTD, SLS, ammonia, resorcinol, and parabens.

It contains a naturally derived formula, with a special blend of certified organic lemon and mandarin essential oils, along with 10 additional pure and gentle organic extracts. These natural oils protect the hair during the coloring process. Each shade of this brand’s natural hair dyes will reveal shiny, nourished locks!

Natural rating: 9/10 Colour hold: 6/10 Vegan?Cruelty free only

Benefits: This is a super gentle dye, with little to no fragrance or strong ‘fumes’ coming from it. It’s a good choice for those with sensitivities.

Downsides? Since it’s so gentle, the color might not last as long as other brands.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (10)

9. Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil is a henna based dye that also features loads of botanical extracts from the Amazon, such as Brazil nut, Malva and Babacu seed oils. There’s even organic chocolate extract!

Henna is actually a great conditioner for your hair. It not only adds shine and volume, but also shields your locks from damage. Henna can help maintain the natural acid-alkaline balance on your scalp and cleanses dirt, too. In addition, it promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, dandruff and other scalp problems. In short, it makes this one of the best organic hair dyes ever!

Note: This natural hair color will cover gray. But if you have more than 70% gray hair and are trying to achieve a black or dark brown hue, you should purchase two packages of product.

Natural rating: 10/10 Colour hold: 8/10 Vegan? Yes

Benefits: This is a really gentle, conditioning product. It’s actually good for your hair! It’s also easier to use than powdered henna-based products.

Downsides? Some say it doesn’t cover grey well enough.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (11)

10. Original & Mineral

This is one of the best natural hair dyes, according to the many top models and celebrities who are fans. This Australian salon brand was one of the first to produce professional grade ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free permanent hair colour making it gentle on hair, scalp and hands.

Their latest offering is called CØR.color nudes, and I can honestly say this may be the first ever ‘woke’ hair dye! The brand says it was created to “embrace the concept of diversity, inclusion and originality.”

CØR.uses ‘clean colour technology’ to give hair technicians the ability to create vibrant pastel or blonde hues any client can rock, no matter what their natural hair colour may be. The light and cool shades embrace any base pigment to create unique looks that celebrate diverse hair and skin tones.

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Natural rating: 7/10 Colour hold: 7/10 Vegan?Yes

Benefits: There is very little odor, and there are loads of great fantasy shades to choose from, as well as more natural hues.

Downsides? Some have complained the dye reacts to the developer by growing into “a thick, foamy mess.” Others say the color doesn’t last all that long.

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (12)

11. Madison Reed

Smaller colour molecules called micro-pigments create a gentler colouring process that doesn’t require Madison Reed to use ammonia to aggressively open the hair cuticle to deposit their dyes the way other brands do. In fact, all Madison Reed’s dyes are not only ammonia free, but contain no parabens, resorcinol, phthalates, PPD or gluten. The result is no harsh smells, burning or itching that nasty chemicals normally bring.

This brand may not provide 100% organic hair dyes, but they do infuse their products with argan oil and natural keratin (not vegan: heads up!) to keep the products gentle. Of course, Madison Reed offers a range of colours, from Amalfi Blonde to Perugia Black, all of which promise 100% grey coverage.

Natural rating: 7/10 Colour hold: 10/10Vegan?No

Benefits: Fully covers grey. Botanical ingredients are present to help keep your hair shiny and healthy looking.

Downsides? Some customers have reported hair loss after using this! That could be down to the use of ethanolamine in the products. I have had no problem, but it seems some may have suffered an allergic reaction. TEST the product on your inner arm before using to be sure!

The Best Organic & Natural Hair Dyes For 2022 (13)

Note: It’s always important to conduct a hair colour safety test prior to using any natural hair dye. Follow these helpful guidelines for further information.

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What is the best natural hair dye for GREY hair? ›

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