The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (2023)

The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (1)

Ah, September. It doesn’t matter how many years ago we left education, as the blackberries ripen and the evenings darken, it’s hard to ignore the strong back-to-school vibes. The Pavlovian response is to get a new haircut, obviously. You want to look fresh and sharp for the return to work and for catching up with all the people you’ve not seen all summer. Now normal post-lockdown service has resumed, there’s less of a stampede to get in the barber’s chair than we saw in the spring, so you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment.

But where to start? We asked the king of catwalk styling, Neil Moodie, to weigh in on our edit of the top chops for autumn. As one of the UK’s leading hairstylists, Neil is a personal snipper to some notable names including Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page, Matt Smith, Nick Grimshaw, Nabhaan Rizwan and Jonathan Bailey, while creating editorials for the likes of Arena Homme Plus, Document Journal and Vogue. Let’s take a tour of the best haircuts around now.

The Bottle Job

The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (2)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (3)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (4)

This season, the best hair shades come straight out of a bottle. Phil Foden turned his Caesar-style cut into a bleached homage to Gazza at Euro 96, setting off a chain reaction of players past and present hitting the bottle, including David and Romeo Beckham as well as Chelsea’s Jorginho and Thiago Silva.

Off the pitch, it’s a trend that was heavily present during lockdown, and at Burberry’s Spring 2022 collection, so you’ll comfortably pull it off well into next year. Adding a colour, such as bright orange or pastel blue, is one way of taking it to the next level, or embrace a rainbow if you’re feeling truly confident.

“It’s a statement,” agrees Neil. “I think we’re still embracing the ‘why not’ attitude from earlier in the year.” Bleach and colour works for black hair too – just look at the trailblazers who were typically way ahead of the curve: Pharrell and Kanye (blonde), Jaden Smith (pink) and Dennis Rodman (orange). And if you really want to push it, look to Khalid who recently turned his hair purple with giant pink polka dots.

Get The Look

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The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (6)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (7)
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“If your hair is already light blonde then you can apply the bright colours directly to your own hair colour. I would only use temporary dye, so you don’t have to commit and can change the colour regularly,” advises Neil.

“If your hair is darker then you will need to bleach it first. I would recommend having this done professionally because it’s easy to make a mess of it, then get your colourist to recommend a range of semi-permanent colours to use. I like Crazy Colour. Apply all over hair and leave for 10-20 minutes depending on the density of the colour required.”

The Grealish

The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (8)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (9)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (10)

Jack Grealish is Beckham’s hair apparent in the influencer league. His freshly razored, disconnected undercut looks pure Shelby brother off the pitch. On the pitch, it transforms into an uncanny copy of 1990s curtains with just a hairband.

It resonates because during lockdown one of the easiest home cuts was to fade the sides and back without touching the top. “It’s part curtains, part Peaky Blinders,” says Neil. “Ask your stylist or barber for a skin fade crop around the sides and back, leaving extra length on the top and connect it all up apart from around the front area.”

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The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (11)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (12)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (13)

“This look needs to be styled with a strong-hold wax or gel in order to keep it in place. Dry all the hair back off the face with a dryer and spray liberally with Redken Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Spray. Use a comb to style.”

The Indie Rock

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The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (16)
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If lockdown gifted you longer hair, there’s no reason to chop it off now. In fact, the catwalks at Saint Laurent to Celine were awash with inspiration to keep those lengths trailing. A rebellious mid-length look rooted in grunge and indie rock, you can channel the originator, Kurt Cobain, or Jared Leto’s shortened locks for inspiration, roughing it up for evenings or the weekend, and smoothing it back for work.

“To achieve this look your hair needs to be longish,” says Neil. “Ask your stylist for some long layers to be cut through your hair. The ends should be razored a little and not cut blunt, so it has a more dishevelled feel – this look is not about neat lines.”

“To go all-in you could have some lighter colour painted on the mid-lengths and ends, so they look like you’ve been in the sun – again not too perfect – to add to the grungey effect.”

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To style, Neil recommends Biolage R.A.W. Texturizing Styling Spray: “spritz your hair all over with this spray, to give your hair a more lived-in texture – it’s good for those beachy, surfer waves too.”

Washing is kryptonite to bed-head styles, but who likes the grubby feeling of dirty hair? A water-free cleanser, such as Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo, is a good way to keep it fresh without the frizz, or the chalky-white residue that other dry shampoos tend to leave.

The Mulletino

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The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (21)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (22)
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Yup, it’s always business up front, party at the back with a mullet. The bad-taste style favoured by Joe Exotic has been slowly making its way back into the 2020s, thanks to a catwalk reboot from the likes of Prada and celebs such as Troye Sivan, Aussie model Jordan Barrett and Stranger Things’ Joe Keery.

It’s getting closer to mass uptake with shorter, spiky and shaggier iterations. Like fashion, hair trends are cyclical, and French label Saint Laurent has favoured the look for a few seasons now.

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The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (23)
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“To achieve this look you need to have some length in your hair to begin with,” says Neil. “Then depending on how severe you want to go, you need to ask for the top and the sides to be cut shorter, leaving more length at the back. I think it’s better to have the top of the hair connected to the back with some longer layers, so it still feels like one haircut and not two.”

In terms of styling, Neil advises to let your own texture come through: “for a straight-haired mullet, style with L’Oréal Tecni.ART Super Dust volumising powder, sprinkling a cloud of dust over the shorter lengths to create a drier texture.”

“For a curly mullet, use Living Proof Curl Definer. Apply a small amount all over your hair for non-crunchy curl.”

The Top Heavy Fade

What’s known as type 4 hair in the trade, we call kinky or afro. “Barbering for men’s type 4 hair has reached new heights as the techniques have improved no end from the barber’s point of view,” explains Neil.

“The latest look to go for is the top-heavy fade. What this means is that the sides and back are still faded in, whether it be to a skin fade or low fade, but the top is now being left longer, thus giving the wearer more room to play with their texture. This could be creating braids, twists, curls, dreadlocks (as recently worn by Jaden Smith, Dele Alli and Lewis Hamilton) or just leaving the natural afro texture.

“It’s up to the wearer how they choose to style the top but my personal favourite is the more defined curls, which is achieved by using a mix of leave-in creams, possibly mixed with gel depending on your natural texture to begin with. Eastenders’ Zack Morris has gone for this look by growing out the top of his hair.” Usher has also been rocking a manicured version of this look with a high, asymmetric top.

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The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (30)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (31)

“To achieve this look you need to ask for a skin fade on the sides and back [your decision on how short] and then leave more length on top. This then needs to be blended into the sides and back. It looks better without a disconnect, and the more dramatic you want it the longer you leave the top.”

Briogeo’s Curl Charisma Leave-in Defining Cream will add definition and provide weatherproof protection.

The Soho Crop

The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (32)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (33)
The Best Men's Haircut Trends For Fall/Winter 2022 (34)

“This street style will always be popular as it can be smart and serious, while allowing a more casual look at the weekend. Keep the top a touch longer to be more creative,” advises Neil.

Fans of this cut include Olly Alexander, Nick Jonas and Anwar Hadid. “The 2021 version of this look is about asking for a short back and sides, but not a skin fade. A No 1 or 2 guard is a good description for the required length. Then leaving a small amount of length on the top that needs to be texturised or point cut so it’s not too blunt.”

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“Style by applying Davines Medium Hold Finishing Gum to dry hair. Take a small amount, rub into your fingertips and work through the hair from the back to the front to create texture,” says Neil.


What is the hair cut style for 2022? ›

Long layers and volume

"Things are going from really short shags and mullets to mid-length haircuts," she said. Expect to see '90s-inspired long layers and stylists focusing on adding more volume while keeping the hair length intact. "Two of the most frequently used techniques will be slide cutting and texturizing.

Are shaved heads in Style 2022 for men? ›

At a time when the world feels like it's going through a major transition, the shaved head as a symbol of renewal seems oddly appropriate. There are many reasons for men to take up the buzz in 2022: boredom, empowerment, creativity, or just the fact that hair isn't important to them.

Is long or short hair in for 2022? ›

"Medium, one-length haircuts will be trending for summer 2022," Hurtado predicts. Why is the simple style coming back? She explains, "They're low maintenance, not too long and not too short, and you can still put your hair up."

What is the most popular men's haircut right now? ›

One of the most popular men's haircuts he's seen is the skin fade crop, a modern haircut if ever there was one. The skin faded crop, as the name suggests, is one that exposes a fair amount of skin on the side of the head, with just a short hairstyle – the crop – on top of the head.

What is the new 2022 short haircut? ›

Short bob. The short bob haircut is a modern and relaxed version of the bob cut and the long bob cut. This is the perfect 2022 short haircut for women who enjoy sophistication and elegance. The Short Bob is a short cut cut at the nape with longer sides, the hair is a little lower than the ear.

What is a wolf cut haircut? ›

As celebrity and editorial hairstylist Neil Moodie explains: “A wolf haircut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally created on longer hair. It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back.”

Do girls like shaved heads on guys? ›

So, for the questions “Do women like bald men?” the overwhelming majority of women gave positive answers. 87.5% of women of different ages and nationalities surveyed find bald men attractive compared to only 12.5% of women, who gave negative answer.

What does a shaved head say about a man? ›

The man described as having a shaved head was rated highest in dominance, masculinity, leadership potential, and strength. The guy with thick tresses scored higher for attractiveness than a shorn scalp and slightly higher on confidence.

What is the hair color for 2022? ›

Red may be the biggest hair-color trend for fall, but it's no one-shade pony. Here, five ways to go crimson this season.

Is short hair in for fall 2022? ›

The Fashion Set Swears By The Carved Bob Cut For Fall '22. Next-appointment worthy. Sure, many people decide to grow out their long hair once the weather turns colder, but this fall it appears that short hair is quickly taking over.

What haircuts makes you look younger? ›

Flattering Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Years Younger
  • 01 of 14. Lightly Layered Bob. Vera Anderson/Getty Images. ...
  • 02 of 14. Layered Cut with Fringe. @salsalhair. ...
  • 03 of 14. Shaggy Curly Cut. ...
  • 04 of 14. Side-Swept Bangs. ...
  • 05 of 14. Relaxed Chin Bob. ...
  • 06 of 14. Super Pixie. ...
  • 07 of 14. Stylish Pixie Cut. ...
  • 08 of 14. Straight Chin-Length Bob.
10 Jun 2022

What haircut is in style now for men? ›

Low, Mid, and High Fades

If it's short on the sides, your hair is generally good to go. Fades have also dominated new haircuts throughout 2021, and they can be divided into three types. Low fades go for a nearly uniform length throughout, while a mid-fade adds a bit more body and length around the temples.

What are the newest hairstyles for men? ›

30 New Hairstyles For Men in 2022
  • High Fade and Natural Part.
  • Blunt Fringe and Skin Fade.
  • Undercut and Bald Fade with Longer Hair on Top.
  • Raw-blade Fade and Angled Hair Cut.
  • Hard Part Pompadour with Skin Fade.
  • Low Fade, Natural Part with Hair Slicked Back.
  • Undercut and Fade with Surgical Part.
4 Sept 2022

What hair length is most attractive? ›

One of the most popular hair chart length options is definitely the shoulder length (12 inch). The main reason why so many women prefer the type is that it borrows the best features from the medium and long mane. Thus, any look you opt for will turn out to be trendy and chic.

Is Longer hair more attractive male? ›

Furthermore, it can be said that male faces with long hair are considered more attractive than those with shorter hair. This is especially true for older men who have shorter hair because they tend to look younger than their actual age when they have longer hairstyles.

When should men's haircuts look good? ›

Tuesday or Wednesday would actually be your best bet, as it turns out most professionals would recommend a buffer of one or two days, according to Max Berlinger of The New York Times. This lets the cut "settle" and ensures your hair looks less freshly shorn for your big event.

What is the best hairstyle for over 40? ›

10 Hairstyles for Women Over 40 to Try in 2022
  • Undefined Curly Bob.
  • Mega-Shiny Collarbone Waves.
  • Traditional Chin-Length Bob.
  • Choppy Pixie.
  • Modern One-Length.
  • Grown-Out Pixie.
  • Coily Fauxhawk.
  • Layered Bob with Fringe.
16 May 2022

Are fades Still in Style 2022? ›

"The three best men's haircuts for 2022 are the fade, the undercut, and the pompadour. 1. The fade is a short haircut that is tapered down to the skin on the sides and back. This haircut is versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways.

What is the most popular haircut right now? ›

The shag— or super layered hair cut— is the trend,” says Saviano. “It works on almost every hair texture and length, and you can even style this look with or without bangs. It gives off a cool, low maintenance vibe, and truly brings out the best of natural hair texture, as the layered cut gives the hair movement.”

Why you should cut your hair after 60? ›

As menopause hits and hormones change, the texture of hair transforms. Tresses become courser, thinner, and drier, which means that a short cut is easier to manage. Not only that, but it looks healthier and fuller. But if you don't feel like a short bob is necessary, then by all means, keep those long locks!

What is an octopus haircut? ›

Translation: the octopus haircut is yet another iteration of the shag, but with a modern twist. "The cut is a heavily textured look that uses shorter layers on the top of the head, critically maintaining length and volume, while thinner, longer lengths of hair are styled from underneath," said Bain.

What is a jellyfish haircut? ›

Inspired by the traditional Japanese “hime cut” (or princess cut), the jellyfish combines two classic styles: a blunt bob and a mullet. To mimic the sea creature's shape, the top layer is cut shorter and evenly all around the head like a bowl cut.

What is the Colour for 2022 for men? ›

For Men's FW22 we are offering 29 key shades and find that in these stressful times, calming cool blue and green tones become more important and traditional autumnal shades emerge. FW22 Blues take on a more sophisticated expression with deep and mid-tone peacock blue, light periwinkle and a clinical cobalt.

Do girls care about balding? ›

All in all, 97 percent of women are unaffected by "minor hair loss" on a guy. And 76 percent of women say they would even date a guy with "severe" hair loss. (The study distinguishes between minor hair loss and moderate to severe hair loss.)

Do girls like gray hair? ›

According to a survey conducted by the online dating site, 72 per cent of women who participated in the study stated that they find men with grey hair more attractive than men who did not have a salt and pepper hairline.

Does being bald make you look older? ›

Hair Loss Can Make Men Look Up to Eight Years Older Than They Are. A new survey has revealed that when it comes to physical factors that influence how old you appear, hair loss is the most ageing.

What is the average age a man goes bald? ›

On average it takes 15-25 years for men to go completely bald. This process can begin at any age. About two thirds of men are either bald or have a balding pattern by the age of 60. In a nutshell, there is no particular age when you can expect to see hair loss.

How do you tell if shaved head will look good on you? ›

Skin tone: as a general rule the darker your skin colour, the easier it is to pull off a bald look. While there are exceptions, the shaved head looks better on tanned skin tones. If you are more a pale type, consider getting some sun exposure before (and after) going bald.

What's the color for fall 2022? ›

The color trends range from bright colors like illuminating yellow and bright red to neutral hues like beige and gray. The must-have nuance will be green in the bright and lush “lawn” variant and in the more sober and refined “olive” shade.

What color hair makes you look younger? ›

Caramel, honey, gold, copper, and strawberry give a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel younger. (Framing your face with lighter shades draws the eye away from any complexion concerns, as well.)

Is Half Up Half Down in Style 2022? ›

The half up half down hairstyle is one of the most versatile and chic ways to wear your hair. The look merges two styles, leaving the hair loose and pulling it up at the top of the head and away from the face.

What is the Italian bob haircut? ›

“It's chunky-ended, neck grazing and long enough to tie up, yet short enough to turn heads,” Nick explains. The chunky, blunt ends and minimal, subtle layers add a sumptuous weightiness to hair to make it feel thicker, fuller and more expensive.

Does a bob make you look older? ›

“A good cut depends on your face, your face shape, your body size, and height,” says celebrity stylist Felix Fischer. “A bob is one of those styles that can make some people look younger—if done right. But when it's done incorrectly or done on the wrong face, it can make you look older.”

Do men look younger with short or long hair? ›

A good, short men's haircut is often key when it comes to looking fresh and even younger. With just a few snips, you can turn an average cut into an updated, cool style.

How can I look 10 years younger? ›

Skin brightening treatments, like Microdermabrasion, Light Peels, Micro Laser Peels, or the Clear & Brilliant Laser treatment all help patients to look 10 years younger or more, with just a few treatments. These treatments can be used in order to combat the signs of aging in the face, such as: Wrinkles. Age spots.

How can I look good at 60? ›

  1. 7 Anti-Aging Tricks that Every Woman Over 60 Should Know. ...
  2. Wear a Genuine Smile. ...
  3. Spend Time with Young People. ...
  4. Burn Fat the Old Fashion Way – By Walking! ...
  5. Embrace Your Passions. ...
  6. Stop Helping the Clock by Smoking and Spending Time in the Sun. ...
  7. Give Your Skin What it Really Needs – Water and Nutritious Food.

Which hairstyle makes you look younger? ›

Loose waves are more younger-looking, while straight hair can be aging. Play around with face-framing layers to give your hair some softness and movement. Layers can also make your hair appear to be more luscious and healthy. Parra recommends asking your stylist for perimeter layers that are cut in a straight line.

Are bangs out of style for 2022? ›

Bangs are big in 2022, and there are plenty of bang trends to choose from this year. Bangs are a great way to change up your look and can work for all hair types and face shapes. And, contrary to popular belief, bangs can actually be low maintenance!

What is the best haircut for a 65 year old woman? ›

A medium-length shag is the best haircut for older women in their 60s with wavy hair. It looks flattering with the bangs and would allow someone to appear a decade younger. This chop is most ideal for wavy locks, too. The shag has layers that can enhance the movement of medium hair.

Are bangs good for over 50? ›

The answer to the question is a resounding yes! Bangs are fun and youthful, sure, but they're also sophisticated and look good on everyone, whether your hair is curly, straight, short, long, or in between. The important thing is to find a style of bangs that works for you and your lifestyle.

Is the side part coming back? ›

However, there has recently been a stirring amongst celebrities to revert to the hairstyle and it seems the side part comeback is already underway.

What hairstyles are outdated? ›

9 Outdated Hair Cuts and Color Trends That Many Women Are Still Clinging Onto
  • The donut bun. © AFP / EAST NEWS, © eastnews. ...
  • Complex braids. © Dragonfly666 / depositphotos, © artofsinn / unsplash. ...
  • A high ponytail. ...
  • A short bob with a shaved back. ...
  • Smooth, straightened hair. ...
  • Space buns. ...
  • Small curls. ...
  • Snow White blonde.

What is the best hair cut for men over 60? ›

Generally speaking, a style such as a crew cut, with short back and sides, and more length and volume on top will lift your face, giving you a more youthful look. This can also help to hide thinning patches. Variations of this include the Ivy League, quiff, side part, undercut, and a faux hawk.

Should a 70 year old have long hair? ›

Although many ladies go with shorter styles as they age, there's no reason senior ladies' hairstyles can't be long. Be true to your style, and choose cuts and styling methods that are flattering for your hair type for a beautiful look.


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