The 10 most expensive estates in Gauteng (2023)

With more than half of SA's estate properties located in Gauteng, there is no shortage of desirable addresses for discerning buyers. Here are 10 of the most desirable, and expensive, estates in the province.

With a host of lifestyle features, excellent security and good capital growth, estates continue to grow in popularity. This popularity is very apparent in the country’s economic powerhouse, Gauteng, which has around half of the nation’s residential estate properties.

Lifestyle features like golf courses, walking trails, equestrian centres, gyms and tennis courts all contribute to the desirability of an estate but when you add a prestigious address to the mix demand increases and upwardly mobile investors are prepared to pay a premium.

Here are the 10 most expensive estates in Gauteng, based on the median asking price in March on the Private Property website.

Blair Atholl Estate (Median Asking Price: R15 800 000)

provides spectacular views of the African countryside due to its location between the Cradle of Humankind and the Renosterspruit Nature Conservatory.

The estate offers a serene countryside setting but is close enough to the city for an easy commute. With large plots, an enviable list of amenities and easy access to Lanseria Airport, the estate is popular with affluent buyers seeking a secure, upmarket lifestyle.Amenities include an equestrian centre for horse lovers as well as the Gary Player designed golf course.

There are also good schools such as Montessori School, Curro School Monaghan, HeronBridge College and Dainfern College nearby.

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Property prices on the estate range from R1.5m for a vacant plot, to R34m for a 4 bed house.

The 10 most expensive estates in Gauteng (1)This 8 bedroom home in Blair Atholl Estate is on the market for R26m

Helderontein Estate (Median Asking Price: R7 995 000)

With a convenient location, modern amenities and an outdoor lifestyle, the suburb of Fourways is popular across a range of buyers, from working singles to young families, established professionals and retirees.

Estates in the suburb are in huge demand and Helderfontein Estate is no exception. The scenic estate offers a wide selection of large residential stands and homes in a secure environment. The estate is an outdoor-lover’s delight with large parklands and greenbelts rich with indigenous plant life, criss-crossed by walking and biking trails.

Property prices on the estate range from R1.9m for a vacant plot, to R16m for a 5 bed house.

The 10 most expensive estates in Gauteng (2)R16m will buy you this 5 bedroom mansion in Helderfontein Estate

Dainfern Golf Estate (Median Asking Price: R7 750 000)

The second estate on our list in the suburb of Fourways, Dainfern Golf Estate is home to well-known celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, business owners and expatriates. The estate offers luxurious homes, an idyllic location along the Jukskei River and a host of amenities for residents to avail themselves of.

The estate is well-suited to sporty types, with activities like golf (on a Gary Player designed course), swimming, tennis, volleyball and numerous nature trails available. There is also a beautiful Clubhouse with modern facilities including a restaurant, Members’ Lounge, Halfway House and conference facilities. The proximity of excellent schools is a major drawcard for families with children.

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Property prices on the estate range from R1.2m for a 2 bed apartment, to R30m for a 6 bed house.

Southdowns Estate (Median Asking Price: R7 442 500)

Located in Centurion East, Southdowns Estate offers a farm-inspired lifestyle, with country-style homes set in wide open spaces. Much of the estate has been left undeveloped to preserve the local flora and fauna, and around 50 hectares still used by Irene Dairy Farm. Residents can take advantage of the wide-open spaces to walk, hike, cycle or just relax. In addition to top notch security, the estate also boasts fibre-internet and its own private school.

Property prices on the estate range from R1.8m for a vacant plot, to R14.4m for a 4 bed house.

Waterfall Estate (Median Asking Price: R7 300 000)

Waterfall Estate is conveniently situated mid-way between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Waterfall estate offers an appealing outdoor lifestyle, with 17kms of hiking trails and mountain bike tracks winding through the acres of indigenous countryside. Residents have very little reason to leave to estate with top schools, a Netcare hospital, clubhouse, gym and shopping centres all found within the grounds.

Property prices on the estate range from R870 000 for a 3 bed house, to R65m for a 6 bed house.

Meyersdal Nature Estate (Median Asking Price: R6 990 000)

Meyersdal is an upmarket area in the South of Johannesburg that borders Glenvista, Bassonia, Oakdene and Alberton. Meyersdal Estate’s philosophy of man living in harmony with nature is achieved through the careful design of houses, sensitive landscaping, energy efficiency and general conservation principals. Large portions of the estate have been left unspoilt to protect the local plants and wildlife, which lends itself to residents feeling close to nature, whether walking, mountain biking or kicking back and relaxing in one of the dedicated leisure areas.

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Property prices on the estate range from R1.3m for a 2 bed flat, to R39m for a 6 bed house.

Mooikloof Equestrian Estate (Median Asking Price: R6 900 000)

Mooikloof is an upmarket suburb on the outskirts of Pretoria that offers a tranquil, farm-like atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Mooikloof Equestrian Estate is one of the premier lifestyle estates in the area and is offers a wide selection of activities to its residents. The estate is a horse-lover’s dream, with its centrally located stables, arenas and outrides through the sprawling grounds.

Property prices on the estate range from R589 000 for a vacant plot, to R26m for a 5 bed house.

The 10 most expensive estates in Gauteng (3)This amazing home in Mooikloof Equestrian Estate is available for R19m

Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate (Median Asking Price: R5 999 000)

Serengeti Estate is located on the East Rand, just 15km from OR Tambo International Airport. Set among some 300 hectares of a conservation area and home to Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, the estate is ideal for those who want to enjoy the finer things of life in a laid-back atmosphere. The estate offers a full range of facilities, from a state-of-the-art gym, to a Pro Shop and 180-seater restaurant.

Property prices on the estate range from R950 000 for a vacant plot, to R19m for a 5 bed house.

Eagle Canyon Golf Estate (Median Asking Price: R5 500 000)

Eagle Canyon Golf Estate has established itself as one of the premier residential estates in north-west Johannesburg. Most of the homes are clustered around the edges of the estate with the centre dedicated to unspoilt greenbelt, the golf course and dams. Residents have easy access to a range of excellent private and government schools, shopping centres and key highways.

Property prices on the estate range from R1.4m for a 2 bed apartment, to R25m for a 4 bed house.

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The 10 most expensive estates in Gauteng (4)This magnificent 6 bedroom abode in Eagle Canyon Estate is listed for R15.9m

Eye of Africa Signature Golf Estate (Median Asking Price: R5 200 000)

With its location amongst the rolling hills in the south of Johannesburg, Eye of Africa Signature Golf Estate offers residents a rustic, country lifestyle even though the CBD is just 17 km away. The estate was designed with ecological considerations in mind – large open spaces have deliberately been untouched so that plants, birds and small mammals can thrive. The estate was designed to create a community field with manicured parks featuring children’s play areas with water fountains and pools, picnic areas and plenty of seating, hiking and biking trails, bringing families and friends together. A Greg Norman designed golf-course, driving range, clubhouse, restaurant and gym are also available for the use of residents.

Property prices on the estate range from R800 000 for a vacant plot, to R17m for a 6 bed house.


This report is compiled using search activity and median asking prices of residential properties listings on Private Property’s website in March 2018. To maintain consistency over time and assist comparison between areas, data is only presented for areas with 50 or more listed properties and grouped by the following common attributes of residential properties in South Africa:• type (houses, townhouses or flats)

Some effort is also made to exclude outliers from the analysis. A feature of Private Property’s Report is that it provides insights based on current asking prices rather than the eventual sale prices of property transactions. This is an important distinction, as the two measures provide slightly different insights into the property market.

Private Property’s median asking price data provides a view of all properties being offered for sale on its website. This has the advantage of including insight into many more properties than are eventually sold in each quarter. Although asking prices are usually slightly higher than sale prices, they have an advantage of being available to analyse well in advance of the eventual transactions. Care must be taken when interpreting prices of listings on Private Property’s website, as it differs from some analysis of sale prices that track individual properties as they are offered for resale over time.

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