Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Review (Pros and Cons) (2023)

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Review (Pros and Cons) (1)

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Sleeping in a dark environment is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains are made out of four layers of polyester and are designed to block out 100% of sunlight. They also have thermal-insulating properties that can help regulate your room’s temperature by keeping out heat and cold. Based on our testing, the best thing about them is that they completely block light from outside sources. Our least favorite aspect is that they don’t do a great job of blocking sound.

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In this NICETOWN Blackout Curtains review, we’ll go over every aspect of this product so you can make your own decision.

Key Features of NICETOWN Blackout Curtains

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True blackout curtains can be difficult to come by, not all of them truly and completely block out light. NICETOWN thermal insulated curtains feature an advanced triple weave technology within the heavy fabric they use for all their blackout curtain panels. This means that not only do the triple weave fabric block out light and reduce noise, they help in balancing room temperature as well making them energy efficient curtains.

While heavy microfiber blackout curtains may seem difficult to clean, NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtains are machine washable making the curtains easy to keep fresh. For a lot of people, aesthetics are at the top of their lists when it comes to picking out curtains and a lot of blackout curtains out there only come in dark colors such as toffee brown or dark blue. With NICETOWN, you have over 20 colors to choose from and they are compatible with standard curtain rods as well as more decorative rods – just make sure they are sturdy as these curtains are quite heavy.

NICETOWN curtains also offer customizable options for not only curtains and drapes but blinds and window valances as well. But what sets NICETOWN apart from other curtains are the features that all their curtains come with:

  • Dust filtering
  • Soundproof
  • Noise Blocking
  • Thermal insulation
  • Blackout
  • Protection from harmful UV rays

But are they really worth buying?

Thermal insulating properties

No matter the season, be it summer heat or winter chill, these curtains are great at keeping your room warm when it’s cold out or cool when it’s hot out. My bedroom happens to be northeast facing and I have floor to ceiling windows right next to my bed so when the sun is up, I’m up too – regardless of whether I slept through the night or not. Aside from it being terribly hot in the summer, it feels as though I might as well have slept outside, with all the light and glare.

My Baby Pink NICETOWN curtains did a pretty good job of keeping the heat out and containing all the cool air from the AC in – even well after the timer has gone off, making it an excellent energy efficient as well as energy smart option (similar to the curtains offered by Quinn). This means you don’t have to spend more on additional window treatments or vertical blinds. One more thing, since the curtains kept the sunlight out, my furniture and more importantly, my books were protected from whatever damage direct sunlight can cause on them as well as blocking out any harmful UV rays that could seep through.

They can go with any room decor or color theme

I remember reading somewhere that windows are what eyes are to the face and curtains, the eyelashes and if you think about it, this actually rings true. There’s just something off about eyes without eyelashes and they aren’t just for superficial reasons either – they offer protection against the elements, just like curtains do.

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NICETOWN allows you to choose everything (and we do mean everything) from color and measurements to style and fabric with just a few clicks. Now, do be mindful when it comes to measurements though and please do not make the same mistake I made. When buying custom curtains online, make sure to include a few inches extra for width and length, especially with pleat style curtains. The measurements I gave were exactly what my windows measured and I forgot to account for the pleats as well as the height of my curtain rod so please don’t be like me. That said, even though my curtains fell a few inches short, it still provided me with enough light blockage and noise cancellation.

NICETOWN gives you 24 colors to choose from ranging from soft pastels (I chose baby pink) to deep, solid colors (such as navy blue and royal purple) as well as black and white. You also get to choose which header you prefer such as grommets, tabs or pockets. All these options allow you to design curtains that would complement the look of your bedroom, living room or whichever room you want. I personally like the look of these more than I do other brands like Deconovo.

One more thing we quite like about these curtains are the fabric they use – it’s thick, satiny smooth polyester on both sides with a melt blown cloth sandwiched in between two layers of quality fabric. NICETOWN also offers a sound blocking upgrade by means of a detachable felt fabric liner. These adds to the noise reduction properties of the curtain. The curtains work well with either a standard or decorative rod, it’s all up to you.

Blackout Properties

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While I do love all the natural light, there are times (more so now that I’ve begun working nights) when I need a bit of extra help, especially when sleep time for me means normal waking hours for regular humans. Like I’ve mentioned, an entire wall of my bedroom is just floor to ceiling windows so a blackout curtain is not only ideal but vital.

NICETOWN’s blackout curtain panels are made out of triple weave blackout fabric that utilizes an advanced triple weave technology that somehow still feels super soft to the touch. This triple weave fabric is thermal insulated and can block out up to 90% of light coming through. I say 90% because the ones I have run a little short in length and width but this is because of my own error. Other verified reviews have stated that their NICETOWN blackout curtains offered up to 100% light blocking capabilities.

One thing that is of note is that while most would think that dark color curtains work better in blocking out light but NICETOWN blackout curtains block out light no matter what color they are thus provide ample room darkening so you can get a good night’s sleep (or day, for that matter). Here’s a little plus: they also filter out UV rays and dust (similar to Sun Zero) which is always a good thing.

Ease of care and maintenance

Because of its triple weave blackout fabric, one would think that NICETOWN curtains would be a tad cumbersome to clean but that is not the case. The blackout curtains are machine washable and you can tumble dry them (on low, of course). You can also have them dry cleaned if that is what you prefer.

Please just make sure to use a gentler setting and to wash the curtains in cold water. NICETOWN does state in their website that after your curtains’ first wash/dry clean cycle, there will be some shrinkage of up to 5% so please keep that in mind before ordering your customizations. This is similar to competing brands like Eclipse.

All curtains from NICETOWN (with the exception of velvet, if you chose that fabric) can be lightly pressed with a warm iron – not too hot. Ensure that you are ironing on the reverse side. Steam, excessive pressure and too hot a temperature should be avoided as this causes the fabric to shrink or stretch.

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You can definitely hang your curtains up as soon as you receive them but bear in mind they will be slightly wrinkled from the packaging and the journey. If that does not bother you, that’s great but if it does, a little once over with an iron on a low heat setting will work wonders.

For little spills or accidents, spot cleaning is best.

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Noise reducing properties

Now that we have established that NICETOWN thermal insulated blackout curtains work well in light blocking and thermal regulating, can we say that they are noise reducing curtains too?

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This is where they fall a little short, in my honest opinion. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely did block out noise – about 80%. I inadvertently was able to find this out when my neighbors decided to have a party the other night that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

So for common, outside noises, NICETOWN curtains were definitely noise reducing but if you live in an apartment or condo building and someone close to your place decides to have a party, then you could definitely hear their entire party playlist, albeit muffled.

Pros and Cons

Easy installationNoise reduction could be better
Machine washableFabric shrinks with heat
Wide color selectionMeasurements need to be precise with online ordering
Thermal insulation
Blackout properties
Customization options


History of NICETOWN

NICETOWN is a company known for their curtain products. In 1999, the company started out as a private enterprise specializing in the production of curtains. They have designers from Europe and the USA while their production facilities are in China.

BBB Rating

NICETOWN is not a BBB affiliated company.

Customer Ratings

NICETOWN has an average of 4.5 stars in Amazon. This is a high customer review score considering that they have more than 31,000 customer reviews.

Physical Store

NICETOWN does not have any physical brick and mortar stores. Customers can purchase their products via NICETOWN’s website or through online retail partners like Amazon.

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Customers can send their e-mail inquiries through at

Customers can also use the chat services in NICETOWN’s website.

Our Verdict

For the price and quality, NICETOWN curtains definitely make it to our top list of blackout curtains that you can get online. We love that they offer a full range of customization options and can ship anywhere in the world.

Buy: NICETOWN Thermal-Insulated Blackout Curtains

How We Rate Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are judged by 3 standards:

  1. Blockage
  2. Material (polyester – dust mite resistant) & Safety
    1. dense material to drown out the noise
    2. Insulated material to keep the heat and cool inside (energy saver)
    3. Chemical coat to make it last longer? Is it safe?
    4. Triple-weave Fabric
  3. Insulation
    1. Layers of acrylic foam?
    2. Thermal abilities

Learn more abouthow we rate and review blackout curtains.

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