Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (2023)

Nature’s Sleep is an eco-conscious bedding company that champions the cooling and comfort of gel memory foam. Their mattresses combine Superior Gel Technology (SGT) with moderate to high density foam bases. The result is an all-foam mattress that works well for the average sleeper. Each mattress model offers a uniquely supportive feel at an affordable price. We review all 6 models here, including information on shipping, warranties, and frequently asked questions.

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Nature’s Sleep Mattress Overview

Nature’s Sleep has designed all-foam mattresses for every sleeping position, firmness preference, and budget. Compare and contrast their 6 models in the chart below.

Mattress NamesMattress TypeBest forPrice Range
EmeraldGel memory foam & high density foamStomach sleepers$2,200 – $3,600
BelizeGel memory foam & high density foamSide sleepers$1,200 – $2,200
TopazGel memory foam & medium density foamHot sleepers$599 – $2,300
OpalGel memory foam & medium density foamBack sleepers$1,200 – $2,000
GoldGel memory foam & high density foamThose with back pain$2,200 – $3,600
Gel Memory FoamGel memory foam & high density foamLuxury mattress shoppers$2,900 – $3,950

Nature’s Sleep Emerald Mattress

The Emerald mattress from Nature’s Sleep was designed with stomach sleepers specifically in mind. It’s an all-foam bed with a proprietary blend of visco and gel memory foam that creates what Nature’s Sleep calls an elevator effect. In other words, the foam lowers or rises in response to your body weight, ensuring your hips, stomach, knees, and shoulders are adequately cushioned.

Stomach sleepers need enough support to keep their spine aligned and enough cushion to prevent pressure point pain. Additionally, the memory foam is infused with gel spheres that absorb and release heat, so you don’t need to worry about getting too hot. The quilted memory foam top layer sits above 3 inches of memory foam comfort layers. The base layer is made of 8 inches of high density foam and supports your whole body.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (1)

  • 12” depth/height
  • $2,800 (Queen)
  • Medium-Plush
  • Available Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, California King

Nature’s Sleep Belize Mattress

The Belize model is a great mattress for the average sleeper. The medium feel supports side sleepers especially well, but it may not offer the firmness that back sleepers prefer. The mattress cover is made of rayon-poly fabric that is durable and stylish. It’s also antimicrobial and has a zippered removal, so it can be regularly washed.

A top layer of extra soft foam cushions pronounced curves in your body, providing pressure point relief. Next a proprietary visco memory foam layer evenly distributes your body weight, so shoulders and hips aren’t stressed. A layer of gel foam keeps you cool and comfortable, and finally, a dense support layer adds durability.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (2)

  • 8.5” depth/height
  • $1,500 (Queen)
  • Firmness Level: Medium
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Nature’s Sleep Topaz Mattress

The Topaz mattress is another medium feel model from Nature’s Sleep. It works well for all kinds of sleepers by adapting to your curves, whether on your back, side, or stomach. The 2 inches of gel memory foam evenly distributes your weight and provides excellent pressure point relief. Adequate contouring is especially important for those with back pain, because it helps to keep your spine in a healthy posture throughout the night.

The Topaz also features gel spheres that help to regulate the temperature of your mattress by drawing heat away from your body. A medium density support core makes up the base of the mattress and reduces motion transfer, making this a good choice for couples or those who sleep with pets or children. The washable cover is allergen-resistant and features a no-skid bottom. It’s embossed and crafted with velour on top and suede on the sides, creating a soft-to-the-touch feel.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (3)

  • 10” depth/height
  • $1,600 (Queen)
  • Firmness Level: Medium
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Nature’s Sleep Opal Mattress

Nature’s Sleep’s Opal mattress model is a medium-firm mattress, so it suits all sleep positions, especially back sleepers. Firmer mattresses are the best choice for back sleepers because they keep the spine aligned all night. Just as it’s important to have good posture during waking hours, it’s also important to have good posture while sleeping.

Like the Topaz model, the Opal features an allergen-resistant cover with zippered removal. It’s an 80/20 cotton velour blend that is machine washable.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (4)

  • 8” depth/height
  • $1,300 (Queen)
  • Firmness Level: Medium-Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Nature’s Sleep Gold Mattress

At the top of their mattress line, the Gold model uses Nature’s Sleep’s best technology and finest materials. The comfort layers create an immediate plush feel, and the supportive core supports your lumbar system. Those with back pain will especially appreciate the progressive layers of support that make up the mattress’s 12 inch depth.

The top layer is Nature’s Sleep’s Next Generation memory foam, which creates a luxurious feel upon lying down. Next, a thick memory foam layer of Superior Gel Technology (SGT) cradles your body and isolates motion. An 8 inch Xtra high density support core adds durability and keeps you from sinking too deeply into the mattress. Finally, the Visco/Poly/Spandex quilted cover is antimicrobial and can be removed for washing.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (5)

  • 12” depth/height
  • $2,800 (Queen)
  • Firmness Level: Medium-Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, California King

Nature’s Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Gel Memory Foam mattress combines peak comfort technology with 14 inches of progressively supportive layers. Nature’s Sleep designed this gel mattress for maximum comfort and cooling. It’s also the most expensive model of the 6 reviewed.

The top layer absorbs tension from the weight of your body, which relieves pressure point pain, so you wake up feeling rested and ache-free. The high-density base layer supports your full body weight and ensures proper spinal alignment. It also keeps you from feeling like you are sinking into the body of the mattress.

The memory foam layer is infused with countless gel beads that are naturally temperature regulating, so you don’t overheat. Additionally, the heavyweight cover is cool-on-contact and wicks moisture away from your sheets, meaning you can say goodbye to night sweats.

Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews 2023 - Compare Beds (6)

  • 14” depth/height
  • $3,400 (Queen)
  • Medium
  • Available Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, California King

Nature’s Sleep Company Overview

Nature’s Sleep is a family owned and operated business. It’s one of several sleep product brands developed by Marc Werner under his company, Werner Sleep. You may be familiar with another of his mattress brands—the GhostBed. He developed his first mattress in 2001 after undergoing 3 neck surgeries. He wanted a highly-engineered bed at an affordable price.

Nature’s Sleep prioritizes eco-friendly materials that are sustainable and safe. Their development team has over 100 years of industry experience, and they’ve sold millions of mattresses. Their beds are CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning their foam is proven to be made without ozone depleters and other harmful chemicals.

In addition to mattresses, they produce pillows, mattress toppers, bed frames, foundations and box springs. All of their foundations are power adjustable, meaning you can customize your sleeping posture for optimal ergonomic comfort.

Prices and Sizes

MattressPrice RangeSize Range
Emerald$2,200 – $3,600Twin XLCalifornia King
Belize$1,200 – $2,200Twin – California King
Topaz$599 – $2,300Twin – California King
Opal$1,200 – $2,000Twin – California King
Gold$2,200 – $3,600Twin XLCalifornia King
Gel Memory Foam$2,900 – $3,950Twin XLCalifornia King


Nature’s Sleep ships all of their mattresses compressed and rolled, bed-in-a-box style. Orders usually ship via FedEx within 1-2 days of your purchase. To set up your new mattress, simply take the box to your desired room, unbox it, and unroll it. It will inflate quickly. You’ll probably want 2 people to carry the box in, since their mattresses weigh between 50lbs and 135lbs.

The shipping cost is included in the mattress price, so you don’t need to worry about additional fees above the set cost. Nature’s Sleep does not yet ship to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO addresses, or outside the U.S. They also do not offer in-home set-up or old mattress removal, but note that some charities will pick up your old mattress for free.

Trial and Warranty


Nature’s Sleep does not offer a sleep trial; however, if you purchase from one of their authorized dealers, they may provide a trial period. Bear in mind that it can take between 30 and 90 days to fully adjust to a new mattress. Read about the Warranty below to learn about Nature’s Sleep’s return policy.


All memory foam mattresses from Nature’s sleep are covered by a 20-year warranty, whether you buy directly from the website or a retail partner. The only exception is the Belize model, which has a 5-year limited warranty.

In order for the warranty to apply, you must be the original owner and have used the mattress in accord with recommended care and cleaning guidelines. You also must register your mattress on the Nature’s Sleep website within 30 days of your purchase. Be sure to keep your proof of original purchase.

The warranty covers body impressions deeper than .75”, cracks in the foam, and manufacturer defects. Repairs and replacements are prorated. For the first 10 years of your warranty, 100% of your mattress value is covered. During the eleventh year, the warranty value drops to 50%, and each successive year decreases by 5%. Any shipping and handling costs related to repairs or replacements are the buyer’s responsibility.



Why do I see indents in my memory foam mattress?


Memory foam mattresses are meant to contour around your body. The normal body impressions may take 1-2 seconds to fully return to their original shape once you adjust your position.

Make sure to use a newer box spring or foundation, since dips in older foundations can cause indents in the mattress surface and prevent a good night’s sleep. Additionally, using an improper foundation may void your warranty.


Do Nature’s Sleep mattresses only work with Nature’s Sleep foundations?


Nature’s Sleep mattresses are designed to rest on a solid, flat surface. The company recommends their own foundations, since they are made specifically for their mattresses; however, you can also use most quality platform beds or adjustable bases.


Will memory foam mattresses make me hot at night?


Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattresses are designed with Advanced Visco Technology, which improves airflow and breathability. The enlarged foam cells don’t hold onto heat like some memory foams, so you will sleep cooly and comfortably.


Do Nature’s Sleep mattresses off-gas?


Most memory foam mattresses off-gas in the factory, so you shouldn’t notice any smell during unboxing. If you do notice a slight smell, it’s harmless, like the new car smell most people love. Any bothersome scents will dissipate within a few hours. You can also open nearby windows and turn on a fan to help air out the room.


What can I do to increase the lifespan of my memory foam mattress?


To avoid body impressions, rotate the mattress once a month for the first 3 months and then once every season (3-4 months). Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattresses are flippable, so you don’t need to worry about switching sides, but do flip your memory foam topper every 2 weeks. Be sure to lay your mattress on a solid, flat surface. Also, use a mattress protector to prevent spills or bodily fluids from reaching the foam.

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