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Most Popular Types of Fabric


Canvas fabric is strong, durable, plain-woven fabric that most times is made of cotton but sometimes will be made of, or include, linen. Canvas fabric is heavier than your traditional cotton sheeting textiles as it is usually made with thicker threads that are usually heavier than regular thread.

Canvas fabric is ideal for sewing projects that call for a little bit of extra strength. They're great for bags, upholstery, home textiles, book covers, clothing items such as jackets meant for outdoor use etc. Its durability means it can be washed several times over too! You may even see some people use canvas fabric for embroidery projects too. If you're looking around for a fabric that will last after several washes and provide your sewing project with a little extra strength, canvas is the one to go for!


Cotton is one of the most popular types of fabric available and we can definitely see why! It's versatile, breathable, easy to work with, easy to wash, durable, comfortable, the list goes on and on. High-quality cotton fabric can last for a really long time, even after lots of washes. We've all had that one cotton garment that has lasted us years!

Cotton is often used for a huge range of sewing projects. You can easily make all kinds of clothes out of this material type for children, teens, adults, and even pets! It's a great fabric for summer due to its breathability so why not grab a lovely cotton fabric and whip it up into short-sleeved shirts, beach shorts or skirts? Not only is it great for summer, it's amazing for winter too, such as when you use it as lining or as an additional layer to whatever you're wearing, as cotton helps conduct body heat. It's fantastic for other types of projects too, such as bags, home textiles, bed linings, patchwork, quilting, décor etc. Cotton is a type of fabric you can really let your imagination run wild with!


Dobby fabric is a type of textured textile that lends itself well to a wide array of sewing projects. If you're familiar with our shop, you'll notice we have a number of dobby prints from Japan. Not only are dobby fabrics great to work with due to their versatility, they're eye-catching due to their unique aesthetic nature. They're also fairly light, making them great for summer time usage.

Dobby textiles are great for clothing items such as dresses and shirts. Its use doesn't stop there however, as it can also be used for bags, cushion covers, patchwork projects, light curtains, home décor and more.

Double Gauze

Double gauze fabric is a very lightweight fabric that is highly breathable. It is formed by having two light layers of cotton stitched or basted together. Being so soft and airy, this fabric is highly suitable for hot climates. When stitching with double gauze fabric, it's recommended to use a slightly longer stitch length than with regular cotton fabrics.

This type of material is suitable for projects such as loose tops. Many people enjoy using this fabric for baby items too and in fact, you may have already seen it be used for many baby products such as wrap around tops, burping towels and more.


Ah, fabulous flannel fabric! Flannel is a type of fabric that is soft, of medium weight and has a fluffy texture. Given its texture, weight and nature, it is a fabric suitable for cooler climates and wintertime; flannel helps keep you warm and cozy. It's easy to wash, and what's especially great about this fabric is that it softens up over time as you use it and wash it more. You'll also find that most flannel fabrics these days are 100% cotton.

Many people enjoy using this fabric for sewing projects such as tops to wear during winter. You'll also see it used for blankets, bedsheets, and even skirts and dresses. Some people enjoy pairing this fabric up with a lining (such as a plain cotton fabric) to maintain warmth further and help keep you all snuggled up!


Interface fabric is a staple item for every sewing enthusiast! Interfacing comes in a large variety of types, from thin to thick, ultra soft to very stiff, sew-in to fusible, there's a huge range due to how widely used it is for all kinds of sewing projects. Interfacing is often used to add body to a project (i.e. to add a little bit, or a lot, of stiffness).

You'll often see interfacing used for all kinds of bag projects, as well as for collars of shirts, for book covers, fabric bookmarks, and much more.


Knit fabrics are extremely popular to work with, due to the wide range of types available, their durability, range and versatility. Knit fabrics can be thin, thick, 2-way stretch, 4-way stretch and much more so when you pick one, just make sure to check the details as they can vary quite a bit! Stretchy fabrics can be very comfortable to wear and are great for both winter and summer usage. Just pay extra attention when washing knit fabrics, as they can shrink, especially when placed in hot water.

There are a ton of different ways you can use knit fabrics. They're great for baby onesies, sweaters, skirts, yoga pants, scrunchies, head bands, cardigans, dresses, shirts and more!


Laminate fabrics include waterproof and water-resistant designs that are great for all kinds of sewing projects. They're usually a little bit thicker and sturdier thanks to their coating, so oftentimes when sewing laminates, people will use heavier sewing needles for their sewing machines, to better stitch these fabrics.

Given their weight and structure, laminate fabrics that are waterproof are often used to make bags, lunch bags, raincoats, book covers, tablecloths, mats etc. They can even be used for smaller projects such as coasters. Thinner designs such as lighter, water-resistant designs are also great for bags, baby bibs, home décor and more.


Lawn fabric is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, soft and oftentimes has a silk-like feel to it. Given its make, you might feel like royalty whilst wearing it, which is completely understandable! It's fantastic for summer, as it's very airy, and projects made from lawn fabric often have a flowy aesthetic to them.

Lawn textiles are fantastic for sewing projects such as blouses, light coats, nightwear, handkerchiefs, jacket linings and much more.


'Organic fabric' refers to fabrics that are made using 100% organic cotton. In this category, you'll find a mix of organic fabrics, as well as Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. Oeko-Tex refers to fabrics that are free of certain harmful substances. You'll see many fabric types, such as knit fabrics, double-gauze, light cotton fabrics etc., that either use organic cotton or are Oeko-Tex certified.

These fabrics, organic or Oeko-Tex certified, are incredibly popular amongst a wide range of people, including those with slightly more sensitive skin. Many parents also prefer these fabrics when making clothes for babies and young children. Of course they're not limited to just youngsters, as many adults prefer organic or Oeko-Tex certified products so you'll see these fabrics used for all kinds of projects such as shirts, onesies, baby bibs, tank tops and more.


Oxford fabric is a highly sought-after fabric type for many reasons sewists and non-sewists can appreciate! It's durable, strong, can insulate heat making it great for cooler climates, tends to resist wrinkling (meaning less ironing!), dry fairly quickly after washing, and can be washed several times over. Oxford fabric is oftentimes made from cotton but you may come across some made from rayon or polyester. Oxford textiles are heavier than your usual cotton fabrics.

This textile is used for a wide variety of sewing projects. When paired up with lining, they're fantastic for jackets and coats, as they can offer some protection from wind as well as help keep you warm. They're also used in projects such as bags, home textiles, furniture and more. For a durable textile that can withstands several washes in washing machines, oxford ones are the one for you!


These days, poplin is almost always 100% cotton. It's a much beloved fabric type due to its properties of being breathable, lightweight and sturdy, plus it's comfortable to wear. Due to its versatility, it can be used for a wide range of sewing projects from casual outfits to elegant handbags etc. If you're new to sewing, poplin is a good fabric to hone your skills with as it's one of the easier fabric types to get started with.

Poplin fabric is very popular for projects such as shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, baby outfits, shoulder bags, home décor and much more. Being so breathable and light, it's great for summer.

Soft shell

Softshell (you'll also see it referred to as soft shell) fabric is a soft, water resistant fabric that is also fairly thick. Due to its design and make, it is a type of fabric that helps to maintain warmth, ensuring it's a good fabric to use for cooler weather. Softshell fabrics also have a bit of stretch to them and are breathable.

Softshell is often used for outerwear projects such as coats, sleeveless jackets, sports attire, and more. It can also be used for shoulder bags, laptop cases, small lunch bags etc.

Vinyl Leather

Vinyl (the range we carry are all faux-leather), is a sturdy, durable type of material that is also very easy to clean. You'll often find it in solid colors, as these fabrics look great when paired up with other solids or prints with patterns. They're quite resistant to weather changes too, making them popular for outdoor projects.

Vinyl fabric is often used for projects such as upholstery, handbags and wallets, keychain accessories, chair covers and more.

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