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How To Name Your Boutique Business

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As a boutique business, you need a name that can match the high quality of your products and services! It’s a competitive market for entrepreneurs—there are over 150,000 clothing boutiques in the U.S. alone, for example—making it extra important to stand out from the crowd.

With some help from the Boutique Business Name Generator, you’ll be able to do just that! Try it out now before continuing with the rest of the tutorial on how to come up with original boutique names.

Below, you’ll find plenty of boutique name ideas, competitor analysis of existing boutique businesses, and several tips on how to create a name that reflects your business.

20 Boutique Business Name Ideas

Using the Boutique Business Name Generator, we’ve put together 20 boutique name ideas as examples for you to draw inspiration from. Remember to try the Boutique Name Generator yourself and see what boutique names you can come up with!

  1. Magna Decorations
  2. Chic Chat
  3. Hidden Wardrobe
  4. Daisy Boutique
  5. Golden Gala
  6. Lady Luxuries
  7. Covert Clothing
  8. The Unseen Boutique
  9. Prospect Jewellery
  10. Stylescapes
  11. Lineage Accessories
  12. Elysium Flare
  13. Nostalgia Outfitters
  14. Bespoke Treasures
  15. Deadstock Dash
  16. One-of-a-kind Hotels
  17. Gentlemen’s Grace
  18. Aura Skincare
  19. Fashion Focus
  20. Adorn Garments

20 More Boutique Business Name Ideas

  1. Queen Simona
  2. big little sister
  3. the nightdress boutique
  4. Genuine place
  5. Frill and thrill
  6. Only Vogue
  7. Mimi momma boutique
  8. Fashion Hub
  9. Tess the Chick
  10. Golden look
  11. pretty little lady
  12. cubs collection
  13. pixie boxie
  14. papa’s closet
  15. the 90’s vibe
  16. Shopper’s Chow
  17. The late 80’s boutique
  18. End Month resident
  19. girl cave
  20. fil du Jour

Best Real-world Boutique Business Names

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Taking a look at what your competitors are doing is never a bad idea in business. That’s why we’ve put together five of the best boutique names around and explained what makes each of them so good. Hopefully, this will enable you to generate boutique name ideas of your own!

You won’t just find clothing boutiques in this list; it also includes an accessories retailer, a skincare brand, and a hotel chain to give a full picture of the boutique industry. Whatever direction you choose to take your business, use the examples below to get you thinking. Try to gather some ideas to use later with the Boutique Name Generator.


SIR is an Australian fashion boutique. Contrary to what you might expect from the name, it produces women’s clothing. In fact, the name is an acronym meaning ‘Separates, Intimates, Ready-to-wear’. This conveys the brand’s area of expertise but keeps the name as concise and memorable as possible.


There’s no red herring with this name: Suitably sells high-quality women’s workwear. Prospective customers will immediately be able to identify the products available. The name also uses double entendre to suggest that customers will be dressed appropriately—or “suitably”—when wearing the product.

Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique is a British brand that sells designer bags and purses. Presumably, the name draws on the actual name of one of its co-founders, Paul Slade. Eponymous boutique names can be effective as they help to build a connection for consumers between luxury products and the person that designed them. The name is also shared by a Beastie Boys album, which may attract the attention of those that connect the dots between the two.

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Health Hut

Health Hut is a boutique American body care brand. This name is effective for two reasons. Firstly, it draws on alliteration with the repeated “h” sound. Secondly, it uses two monosyllabic words that help to maintain its conciseness. These two elements combine to create a name that rolls off the tongue and is highly brandable.


Explora is a boutique hotel chain with several locations in South America. Its hotels are situated in places with breathtaking nature and ample opportunity for adventure, hence the name. The non-standard spelling of “explorer” is creative, but it is also a valid conjugation of the verb “to explore” in Spanish, which helps to demarcate the general area where the company operates.

How to Pick a Business Name that Reflects Your Boutique

In the boutique industry, branding is crucial. Having high-quality products isn’t enough; customers expect this as a minimum. For your boutique to thrive, you need to offer something more.

Select a USP

For this reason, you need to put some thought into your USP. This is something unique about your business that differentiates it from competitors and will help to draw in customers. Your chosen USP will ultimately depend on the type of boutique business you are running.

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Let’s consider some examples from earlier. The clothing brand Suitably focused on a specific type of product, that being suits. Similarly, Explora distinguishes itself by offering adventurous holidays. You can see how both of these examples have incorporated the USP into their boutique names in a creative way. Your task is to do the same!

Your USP doesn’t just have to be linked to the type of product or service you offer. Other USPs for a boutique business could be:

  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Focus on a niche audience
  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong ethical values

As your business name may reflect your USP, it’s important to establish this before proceeding to the next step.

Shortlist Keywords

Once you’ve selected a USP, you can begin to think of keywords relating to your boutique. Keywords are specific words that help to capture the vision of your business. They are crucial to building brand identity and will help to formulate boutique name ideas.

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Consider the type of the boutique business (clothing, accessories, hotel, etc.) in conjunction with its USP and brainstorm keywords that reflect these two areas. Avoid words that are too long or awkward to say aloud.

Let’s consider some examples. Below we’ve listed possible keywords for two types of a boutique business.

Keywords for a fashion boutique with a USP of recognizing different body types:

  • All
  • Curve
  • Plus

Keywords for a hotel boutique with a USP of offering sustainable travel experiences:

  • Green
  • Eco
  • Nature

Try to shortlist at least five keywords that capture your boutique’s vision.

Use the Boutique Business Name Generator

One by one, insert your shortlisted keywords into the Boutique Name Generator search bar at the top of this page. When you hit enter, you’ll see hundreds of boutique name ideas that incorporate your keyword!

For best results, use the Boutique Name Generator search options on the left of the screen. These allow you to filter boutique names based on criteria such as character length, keyword position, and even rhythmic elements.

For each keyword, select one or two boutique names that stand out to you. Compile these at the end and choose the best name from the list.

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5 Tips for Creating Unique Boutique Business Name Ideas

Now that you know how to select a business name that reflects your boutique, you need to make sure that it’s original and compelling. Using the five tips below, you’ll be able to craft a name that stands out to customers.

1. Consider Using Personal Names

If you’re comfortable using your own name in your business title, this can be a great technique. Boutique businesses are exclusive by nature, and a personal name in the business title can help customers to feel closer to the brand.

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This is particularly effective with clothing and accessory boutiques where products are designed by the founder. Having the name embroidered on the item can add an element of prestige for consumers, making the products more desirable.

2. Be Creative with Wording

Don’t be afraid to use unorthodox spelling or new word combinations in your boutique business name. This can be a great way to catch the eye of passersby.

Consider creating a new word, as in the case of ‘Explora’, or glue two existing words together. Use the “One Word” function on the Boutique Name Generator to view results with creative, non-standard wording.

3. Keep it Short

Concise names are the way to go. Keeping your boutique business name short is the best way to make it memorable and, therefore, brandable.

When using the Boutique Business Name Generator, filter results to only show boutique name ideas that are twenty characters or less. Another useful rule is to avoid using words that are more than three syllables.

4. Use Rhythmic Elements

Another great method for creating memorable boutique name ideas is to use rhythm. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but if you can use a half rhythm or repeated sound seamlessly then it’s worth considering.

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Alliteration is one of the easier ways to achieve this. ‘Health Hut’ is a good example from earlier.

5. Remember to Check Availability

Finally, remember to check that your chosen name hasn’t already been trademarked by another business. Copyright infringement is one way to jeopardize your boutique before it’s even begun.

Boutique Business Name Generator + (Instant Availability Check) (5)

You should also check to see if the name is available as a website domain and as a handle on relevant social media platforms. This will help customers find you when searching online.

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How do I create an online boutique name? ›

Tips for choosing a catchy shop name
  1. Keep it short and simple. ...
  2. Be different. ...
  3. Consider your online presence. ...
  4. Get creative with your domain name. ...
  5. Be original. ...
  6. Find new inspiration.
Dec 9, 2022

What are good boutique names? ›

Creative clothing boutique name ideas
  • BouChic check availability.
  • Hard Tail Forever check availability.
  • Morning Glory check availability.
  • Masters fashion boutique check availability.
  • Peach Street Boutique check availability.
  • Flying Monkey check availability.
  • Dress to Impress check availability.
Dec 25, 2022

How do I create a unique LLC name? ›

How to choose an LLC name
  1. Make it legal. The most important thing when you're choosing an LLC name is to make sure it's legal. ...
  2. Make it memorable. You want your LLC name to be something people can remember. ...
  3. Make it meaningful. ...
  4. Make it original. ...
  5. Make it distinctive. ...
  6. Make it domain-name ready. ...
  7. Make it social-media friendly.

What is a fancy name for boutique? ›

variety store. marketplace. mini-mart. dime store. five-and-dime.

What's a fancy word for boutique? ›

What is another word for boutique?
salonretail store
specialty shopexclusive shop
gift storesupermarket
47 more rows

What do you call a shop that sells everything? ›

superstore. noun. a very large shop that sells a wide range of different goods, usually on the edge of a town.

How much does it cost to start a small boutique? ›

According to vlogger and boutique owner Alli Schultz, initial startup costs for opening a retail store can average around $48,000. This doesn't include items that vary based on your geographic location such as the first month's deposit, insurance, utilities and licensing fees.

What are classy business names? ›

Classy business name ideas
  • A Lady Above All.
  • A Lady in Shining Armor.
  • A Lady of Refinement.
  • A Lady with Style.
  • A Woman of Class.
  • A Woman of Distinction.
  • Above and Beyond Classy.
  • Beyond Glitz and Glamour.

What makes a catchy business name? ›

Clarity: A simple, clear, and direct name will be far more catchy and easier for customers to recall. If customers don't understand your brand initially, they're less likely to remember it later on. Good brand names don't require too much explanation. While it should be clear, it should also be adaptable to change.

How long should a boutique name be? ›

A good name should be short – two to four – syllables and easy to pronounce. Warren Diggles, president and creative director of Diggles Creative, said short names are ideal, because they tend to be very brandable and easy for consumers to remember.

What words Cannot be used in an LLC name? ›

(California Corporations Code section 17708.05.) The name of a limited partnership may not include the words bank, insurance, trust, trustee, incorporated, inc., corporation, or corp. (California Corporations Code section 15901.08.)

Should I name my LLC after myself? ›

Sometimes it makes sense to name your LLC after yourself if you want to grow your personal brand, but in some cases using your personal name can limit your business' growth or even confuse customers.

Should my LLC match my business name? ›

Does your LLC name have to match your business name? Your LLC name can be different from your business trademark, the name you use to market your business. There's no legal requirement that they match. But you may have to register a DBA for your trademark name if you want to use it for legal and financial purposes.

What is bigger than a boutique? ›

Many boutiques are small spaces in enclosed malls or in strip plazas. Retail stores are bigger companies and typically have access to larger locations. Boutiques are also known for being quaint and charming; retail stores are more impersonal.

What is a slang word for clothing? ›

The noun duds is an informal, slang term for "clothing." You can pack your duds in a suitcase before a vacation or arrange your duds by color in your closet.

What is the ancient word for boutique? ›

Borrowed from Old Occitan botica (or French boutique), from Latin apothēca, from Ancient Greek ἀποθήκη (apothḗkē, “repository, storehouse”).

What are good names for an LLC? ›

List of 99 business name ideas
  • Kickstart.
  • Digital Dive.
  • The Growth Co.
  • Creative Juice.
  • Be Seen.
  • Webpreneur.
  • Everglow.
  • Fearless.
Oct 18, 2022

How do I find my lucky business name? ›

You must choose a business name whose numerology number shares a cordial relationship with your life path or destiny number. For example, if your life path number is 3 then numbers like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 are friendly numbers. At the same time, numbers 4 and 7 should be avoided with life path number 3.

What is a mini shop called? ›

A convenience store, convenience shop, corner store or corner shop is a small retail business that stocks a range of everyday items such as coffee, groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, ice creams, tobacco products, lottery tickets, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers and magazines.

What is a person who loves to shop called? ›

/ˌʃɑː.pəˈhɑː.lɪk/ informal. a person who enjoys shopping very much and does it a lot: A self-confessed shopaholic, Diane loved looking for new clothes with her two daughters. Enthusiasts.

Where do boutiques get their inventory? ›

  • Wholesale boutique clothing trade shows. Attending a trade show is a great way to get inventory for an online boutique. ...
  • Wholesale clothing websites. ...
  • Work with manufacturers. ...
  • Offline wholesale clothing vendors. ...
  • Wholesaler directories. ...
  • Fashion resale.

How many items should you start a boutique with? ›

For a brick-and-mortar boutique, you'll need to have a larger inventory. If you are on a limited budget, you should at least purchase 100 styles to have enough items to grab customers' attention. You can go for 300-400 styles if budget is not a problem.

What legal documents do I need to start a boutique? ›

10 Legal Documents You Must Have to Start a Small Business
  • Business Plan. ...
  • DBA. ...
  • Partnership Agreement. ...
  • Incorporation Documents. ...
  • LLC Articles of Organization. ...
  • Foreign Qualification. ...
  • Apostille. ...
  • Business Licenses and Permits.
Jan 5, 2022

How do I know if my business name is unique? ›

Use the USPTO's free trademark database.

You can search for federally registered trademarks by using the free trademark database on the USPTO's website. To start, go to the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Business Center and choose "Search trademarks." Then follow the instructions you see on the screen.

What is a very sophisticated name? ›

Along with Calliope, other fancy girl names in the US Top 1000 include Genevieve, Evangeline, Persephone, and Emmeline. Fancy boy names in the US Top 1000 include Alistair, Cedric, Rex, Augustus, and Thaddeus.

What to avoid in naming a business? ›

How to Name Your Business: 8 Types of Names to Avoid
  • Generic names. ...
  • Names that limit future growth. ...
  • Names that are too hard to spell, say, or read. ...
  • Misleading names. ...
  • Names too long for a social media handle. ...
  • Names with double meanings. ...
  • Names that clash with branding. ...
  • Names too similar to competitors.
Dec 16, 2021

Are LLC names unique? ›

It must be unique.

Legally, the name of your LLC can't be the same as another business entity registered in your state or the same as a trademarked phrase. State databases check only whether the LLC name is available in your own state, but do not check whether the name is trademarked.

How should I name my small business? ›

7 tips for choosing a business name
  1. Follow your state's naming guidelines. ...
  2. Don't pick a name that's too similar to a competitor's name. ...
  3. Choose a name that people can spell and pronounce. ...
  4. Make your name web-friendly. ...
  5. Be memorable but not too unique. ...
  6. Pick a name that's consistent with your brand. ...
  7. Don't limit yourself.

Can two boutiques have the same name? ›

Can Two Companies Have the Same Name? Yes, however, certain requirements must be met in order for it to not constitutes trademark infringement and to determine which party is the rightful owner of the name.

What are two things a business name should not do? ›

Stay away from complex names: Don't use unusual or overly long words in your business name. Keep things simple and straightforward. Avoid short-term trends: Trends are always changing. Your business name should not be beholden to any trends.

How much do boutique owners make a month? ›

With more people buying online than ever, starting a boutique is a great side hustle of full-time business idea. The average income for eCommerce boutique owners is $6,013 per month.

What do LLC owners call themselves? ›

If you own all or part of an LLC, you are known as a “member.” LLCs can have one member or many members. In some LLCs, the business is operated, or “managed” by its members. In other LLCs, there are at least some members who are not actively involved in running the business.

What are high risk business names? ›

Businesses Considered High-Risk
  • 1-800 chat sites.
  • Adult Industry.
  • Airlines and Booking.
  • Amazon Stores.
  • Attorney Referral Services.
  • Auto Warranties. Auctions.
  • Background Checks.
  • Bad Credit.

Do I have to put LLC on my logo? ›

No, you do not have to put LLC in your logo or in any of your marketing materials. There is no legal or regulatory requirement to put “LLC” in your logo. Putting “LLC” in your logo does not provide any additional legal protection for your business.

Why not to name your business with your name? ›

Cons for Using Personal Name as Company Name. Your Personal Name is Your Ego on Display – If you think that your personal name is the most important thing about your company, more important than the value and benefit you offer your customers, then you are mistaken.

Can my business just be my name? ›

The legal name of a business is the official name of the person or entity that owns a business. If you are the only owner of your business, then its legal name is simply your full name.

Can I use my initials as my business name? ›

While experts advise against using initials as a business name, they do urge you to consider the acronym. Your customers may refer to your company by an acronym since it's sometimes easier to remember and convey to others—a carefully planned name safeguards against an embarrassing or destructive acronym.

Can you have 2 LLC with the same name? ›

Can Two LLCs or Companies Have the Same Name? Yes, with some exceptions. When you're forming a corporation or an LLC in a state, the name must be unique to your business within that state. Others can form LLCs and businesses in other states that have the same name as yours.

Should I put LLC on my business card? ›

The LLC designation should be included in all business correspondence, including your business cards, website, letterhead, and other marketing collateral. However, you don't necessarily need to have it as part of your logo.

Can I add LLC to my EIN number? ›

Yes, when you apply for an EIN number, you need to provide the IRS the full legal name of the business entity, which includes the business entity type, for example, LLC. If your business name is RHS Studios LLC, then that's what should be on the EIN application with the IRS.

How do I make my classy name brand? ›

Classy business name ideas
  1. A Lady Above All.
  2. A Lady in Shining Armor.
  3. A Lady of Refinement.
  4. A Lady with Style.
  5. A Woman of Class.
  6. A Woman of Distinction.
  7. Above and Beyond Classy.
  8. Beyond Glitz and Glamour.

What makes a brand name catchy? ›

It's vital that the name is distinctive, authentic, memorable, enduring, and defensible, so it resonates with your target audience, sticks in their minds, builds and maintains trust with your consumers, and remains relevant as your company evolves.


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