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How To Name Your Artificial Intelligence Business

As a business owner, you will want to create a company name that reflects the extraordinary world of artificial intelligence. My name is Monique, and I am here to help you develop an artificial intelligence business name that is both compelling and intriguing.

As you read on, you can expect to find details on how to best use our artificial intelligence business name generator for maximum results. You’ll also find a useful step guide on the naming process and my top tips.

20 Artificial Intelligence Business Name Ideas

In the early stages of naming your AI business, you may be looking for valuable sources of inspiration. The artificial intelligence business name generator takes the keywords you enter and produces a diverse range of potential names you could use.

In the examples below, I took adjectives that came to mind when thinking of my business and here’s what I found:

  1. AutoMate Model
  2. Intelligence Zone
  3. Robo Refinement
  4. Re Reform
  5. Evolve Echo
  6. Artificial Assist
  7. Intelligence Fiber
  8. AI Astro
  9. Brain Tech Brigade
  10. Robenergy
  11. Earthbound Intelligence
  12. Tech Tonic IQ
  13. Intellytical
  14. A.I.Q
  15. ChipBot
  16. Modgenix
  17. Digi Bot
  18. Brain Domain AI
  19. Logic Tec
  20. Artificial Operations

To diversify the responses you receive, play around with the search filter. The tool allows you to choose a character count, alter word placement, and find rhyming word combinations.

Best Real-world Artificial Intelligence Business Names

Before we get started on brainstorming ideas, let’s take a look at the names of five top artificial intelligence businesses. Together, we’ll explore how the company developed the name and why it works so well for them.

During a competitor analysis, you can also use the following AI companies to determine which keywords attract consumers the most.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a multinational technology corporation. IMB is an easy-to-remember abbreviation of ‘International Business Machines,’ symbolizing the company’s importance in the industry.

Cloud is now a well-known industry term and type of advanced artificial intelligence. The word combination is easy to remember, speak, and spell.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a leading developer of robotics. The name combines recognizable terminology to represent the business’ deliverance of automated systems.

‘Anywhere’ provides the name with a real sense of empowerment and leadership, reflective of the company’s core values.


Grammarly is an AI-powered platform that assists writers by highlighting spelling or grammatical errors and rates levels of clarity, delivery, and engagement.

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The name is unique yet transparent and communicates the service it can provide, helping it remain memorable.


QuantiTech is a company that specializes in the engineering and management of artificially intelligent systems.

The name is incredibly rhythmic and rolls off the tongue with ease when spoken aloud. Combining ‘Quanti’ and ‘Tech’ helps the brand reign superiority in the industry.

Stratio Automotive

Stratio Automotive exclusively works with artificial intelligence automation for transport and automotive vehicles. The name directly addresses the company’s area of expertise through the use of ‘automotive.’

Not only is ‘Stratio’ unique, but its brand-ability helps the business stand out. Consumers can associate the company as ‘Stratio’ easily in conversation.

Four step guide on developing an AI Company name

The all-important naming process requires you to deeply reflect on your auction company’s principles, the service you provide, and the products you’ll offer.

The following examples can guide you through each necessary step to create a striking auction name.

#1) Mind map keywords and adjectives

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The first step you should take is brainstorming AI names, phrases, and words that come to mind when you think of your business plan.

As artificial intelligence is often a common area of curiosity, consider noting words that are easy to understand unless your target audience is highly knowledgeable.

Once you’ve established a collection of keywords and adjectives, individually enter them into the AI business name generator to see how they can be combined and altered. I used the following terms in my example:

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  • Auto
  • Bot
  • Robotic
  • Brain
  • IQ
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Tech

#2) Reduce the list of auction names

You may now have a list of 10-20, or even more, potential AI names. Your next task is to narrow down your search by shortlisting options that appeal to you the most, reflect your business well, or stand out.

In my example, I would consider running through a checklist that asks the following questions:

  • Does this name communicate business’ key principles?
  • What first comes to mind when seeing this name?
  • How does the name sound in conversation?
  • Does the name use words that may be misunderstood?
  • Is this name memorable?

My shortlist:

  • Tech Tonic IQ
  • Earthbound Intelligence
  • Brain Domain AI
  • Robenergy

Removed Ideas:

  • AutoMate Model
  • Intelligence Zone
  • Robo Refinement
  • Re Reform
  • Evolve Echo
  • Artificial Assist
  • Intelligence Fiber
  • AI Astro
  • Brain Tech Brigade
  • Robenergy
  • Earthbound Intelligence
  • Tech Tonic IQ
  • Intellytical
  • A.I.Q
  • ChipBot
  • Modgenix
  • Digi Bot
  • Brain Domain AI
  • Logic Tec
  • Artificial Operations

#3) Ask others to analyze the names

Now you may have a list containing around four promising choices to select from. At this stage, your task is to reach out to any connections you may have in the AI industry for their feedback.

Ensure you have prepared questions along the lines of:

  • How would you spell this name?
  • What do you think of when you hear this name?
  • Would you receive services from a company with this name?

Example Feedback:

Tech Tonic IQ: Clever word combination sounds like Tectonic, reminding me of a strong structure. The name seems representative of a leading business.

Earthbound Intelligence: Clearly establishes the industry and seems universal.

Brain Domain AI: The rhyme makes the name easy to remember. It seems relevant to the industry and suggests the use of advanced technology.

Robenergy: The name conveys the company’s area of specialization of robotics. ‘Energy’ helps the name stand out and seem enthusiastic.

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#4) Do an availability check

After completing substantial market research, you are ready to complete a domain check. You can complete this quick and easy task using the domain name checker on the artificial intelligence business name generator.

During this final stage, it is equally important to check for Trademarked words. You can do this using an online Trademark word checker that operates globally. If you have incidentally included a Trademarked work, you will need to remove it.

5-Tips for creating unique Artificial Intelligence Business name ideas

A unique AI business name should be compelling yet convey valuable meaning to those in the industry. You may wish to keep these beneficial tips in mind as your ideas come to life.

#1) Complete a competitor analysis

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Aim to complete a competitor analysis at the beginning of your search for a new name. Understanding how and why successful businesses use their name can help you gauge which keywords are effective.

Ask yourself the following questions when analyzing your competitors:

  • Does the name convey the product or service the business provides? How does that work for them?
  • Are the words included in this name common in the industry? In this case, is it best to avoid them?
  • How brandable is their name?
  • How can I create a better name?

#2) Make it memorable

Creating a memorable name is the best way to stick in the head of your consumers and raise brand awareness. You can achieve this by using word combinations that rhyme or sound harmonious when spoken aloud.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when planning a memorable AI name:

  • Use rhythmic words or alliteration (Evolve Echo or Brain Domain AI)
  • Try to use words that hold positive connotations (Robo Refinement: Refinement is symbolic of fine-tuning.)
  • Consider whether users can take the words you have used out of context (Artificial Operations: Operation is also referred to as a medical procedure.)

#3) Think outside the box

AI Name Generator + (Instant Availability Check) (3)

Although it may be important to focus on industry-related words, you can set yourself apart by playing with the way words sound.

You can do this by:

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  • Avoiding overused words or cliches
  • Play around with the way words sound (Tech Tonic IQ: Sounds like tectonic)
  • Try out symbolism (RE Reform: RE is commonly used to state the subject or topic of conversation when communicating digitally. The name cleverly presents the purpose of the business)

#4) Consider customizing words

Another popular way to set yourself apart from your competitors is to try hybridizing words or playing around with spelling.

An excellent example of this is the name Modgenix produced by the AI business name generator. Mod is short for modification while genix can refer to genetics.

On the other hand, you have Digi Bot as opposed to Digital Robot. While Digi Bot is easier to remember, it also sets itself apart from a significant number of companies that use the terms in full.

What to avoid

As a business owner, it can be frustrating when your intended business name has been taken. In this case, you may wish to play around with the spelling and hybridization.

As an example of bad customization, let’s take the transformation of ‘Brain Tech Brigade’ to ‘Brain Techgade.’ As you can see, Techgade provides very little value to the reader and is easily forgettable.

If you find yourself in this position, you may find it beneficial to start again from scratch.

#5) Try to name your business rather than describe it

While there is nothing wrong with naming your company using literal terms, you may find it harder to stand out.

To avoid this, try to extract keywords that relate closely to the value your products may hold or what your AI business stands for.

Let’s take Intelligence Fiber as an example. Fibers connote the very core of an object or human’s existence. The name symbolizes how the company develops advanced Intelligence.

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