22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (2023)

If you want a sink that is movable and can be used in different places, then this is a project you should try out. It can be used at the beach, in the garden, or even in the kitchen. If you’re working on your farm or need to wash your hands before eating, access to a sink is mandatory. It’s also important when you want to do other activities like mobile car washing, pet bathing, and even gardening. The DIY Sink Projects listed below will help you make beautiful sinks that can be installed either indoor or outdoor. You can make any of these sinks using recyclable materials, making them very cost-effective!

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We have gathered 22 DIY Sink Projects that will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for creating your own homemade sinks. A few of them are really expensive-looking, but they aren’t really that difficult to make at all. These would be great for summertime backyard parties or cookouts when there is a lot of traffic in the kitchen. You could put one outside in the garden or on the patio so that people don’t have to go inside to clean off before coming back out to the party. Come along with us as we head to the next level of bathroom and kitchen beauty!

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How To Build A Rustic Plywood Sink

This detailed DIY tutorial walks you through the process of building a plywood sink, including cutting and fitting the plywood pieces into the desired shape, creating the walls and shelving, and finishing the sink with waterproofing sealer. Inspired by rustic design with a modern twist, this piece will become a unique focal point in your home. You will learn the best tools to use and the step-by-step process. It’s easier than you think!

DIY Galvanized Tub Sink

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Have you ever wondered how to utilize all those gorgeous vintage/rustic style galvanized tubs? One of the greatest uses for them would have to be as a sink. Absolutely gorgeous and truly one of a kind, you can select your choice of color and design for the faucet and handles. Follow our easy-to-use instructions for installation. Before you start, make sure the tub you choose is deep enough to accommodate your faucet and drainage components.


DIY Concrete Sink

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Concrete sinks are durable, easy to clean, and affordable. It is easy to do a DIY project on concrete sinks. It only requires 3 major materials you can get from your local store. A sink mold, silicone, and a concrete vibrator are all that you need to make your own concrete sink. It requires some skill, but it will make a great statement piece in your home. The colors and finish are customizable you can use any color of silicone that you want. Once you are done building your own concrete sink, it will definitely be worth it!

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How To Build A DIY Outdoor Sink

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You can have a great time with your family and friends by having a party in your backyard. To make it special, surprise them with an outdoor sink. This DIY project can be made easily. Having an outdoor DIY sink saves your time by keeping the dishes easy to wash right at the place. It also provides a place to drain dirty pots and pans and gives you easy access to water while spending time in the garden. Moreover, you can easily serve your guests by having a complete setup of cutlery at your disposal.

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DIY Field Sink

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We designed this DIY Field Sink to be simple, convenient, and portable so you can assemble and disassemble it easily. Great for enjoying camping, barbecues, gardening, kids’ sports events, any outdoor activity. It is made of a 5-gallon bucket and lid, door hinge, score wood, and brass fittings. It’s amazing that it has a foot pump that allows you to wash your hand easily.

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Outdoor Sink DIY With Wine Barrel

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When it comes to outdoor cooking, the more prep space, the better. In this tutorial, we’ll show you a great project that combines a repurposed wine barrel and a standard bar sink to create one very classy DIY outdoor sink station. The result is as useful as it is attractive, with plenty of room for all your food prep needs. And because this whole project is so easily customizable, you can add all sorts of great upgrades to make it fit your needs and style.

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DIY Concrete Sink

This DIY project will allow you to create a beautiful concrete sink with simple hand-building techniques. You can customize the shape of your sink to complement your unique decor by bending and shaping the foam mold so it’s the perfect fit for your bathroom. Once you are done, you’ll have a sturdy, hard-wearing countertop sink that is both easy to care for—and easy on the eyes.

DIY Stainless Sink

The cheap and easy way to create a mobile shower from 3 small stainless-steel tubs. The DIY Stainless Sink is for the person who likes to do things themselves. In just a few minutes, you have a brand new sink in your home! A fun weekend project that will become your pride and joy. This is a fun project that the whole family can enjoy and it gives you a totally unique shower. Gets your eyes on you in your campground and attracts a lot of attention.

Outdoor Garden Sink DIY

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (7)

Made out of pine boards and studs, the sink features a plastic center outlet that can turn it into a drain with an optional faucet. The pattern of the studs can be arranged in any way you like. For example, one style uses them to create two rows of three long vertical ends around the outer edge of the sink. You’ll want to build and install this DIY garden sink near your garden hose so you can fill it easily from the spigot.

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DIY Portable Sink

This DIY Portable Sink lets you easily wash your hands or dishes outdoors without the need for a power source. Made by combining a drying rack, water cooler jugs, and a water pump, this low-tech sink is perfect for camping trips and outdoor events! Made from a PVC frame, drying rack, water cooler jugs, and water pumps. It can be used for any occasion especially when water is needed for cleaning purposes.

DIY Low Budget Concrete Sink

If you love the look of concrete but not the hefty price tag, you’ll probably want to check out this DIY concrete sink. Built from a standard basin, concrete mix, and plasticizers for concrete, this low-budget sink is easy on the wallet and looks great. The sink can be mounted either above the counter or below. Get the full step-by-step instructions that show you how to make a concrete sink yourself!

DIY Kitchen Sink Installation

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (8)

If you’re ever in need of a new sink, with this easy DIY guide, you’ll see how to install a new kitchen sink yourself. First things first, measure your sink to make sure it fits into the space. Once you’re clear on that, turn off the water supply and open the faucet. Using your drain wrench, remove the U-shaped pipe located under your existing sink. Next up is cutting and gluing PVC pipes that will fit inside the tailpiece and into the wall. Don’t forget to drill holes for the faucet and soap dispenser, if needed. Finally, connect your sink and test for leaks. Now you have a brand-new shiny sink!

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11. DIY Sink From Plywood

DIY Sink From Plywood is a unique pantry design for your home. It is easy to create and also has a modern look. The DIY Sink From Plywood can be used for keeping many things and you can use it smartly way because that’s multi-function furniture. It is also strong furniture, so you don’t have to be afraid that this sink will be easily broken. Measure your DIY sink carefully or you will get a smaller or larger sink than what you need.

How To Build An Outdoor Sink

Building the outdoor sink is a very simple task that can be completed without the help of a professional. This is because it does not require any drilling on the walls and installation of pipes. It will only need you to make a hole on the cover of a drain bucket, measure and install the drainpipe, fix the wooden frame to the wall in which you will install the sink, and coat it with polyurethane. Install the faucet and water line to add value to your outdoor sink. Also, you can paint the pipe to look just like wood or leave it if you like.

DIY Camp Sink

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (9)

Start gathering materials for this DIY camp sink made out of a 5-gallon bucket. Grab popcorn bowls, a vinyl hose, PVC pipe and connectors, miscellaneous PVC and pressure-treated lumber, and other items. Drill a 3/4″ hole just above the bottom support of the bucket and insert the hose barb. Then prepped and assemble the grey-water bucket with the sink, mixing faucet assembly materials together. After you’ve assembled it all together, you’re ready to hit the trail!

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DIY Toilet Top Sink

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (10)

This is a fantastic design to add more space to your bathroom. Adding the sink atop the toilet is designed to save water and energy at the same time by reducing water consumption. For example, instead of spending a very large amount of water for flushing the toilet, you are now free to wash your hands with the same amount of water. The sink will reduce the overall cost that you might spend in a month or years.

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15. DIY Plastic Hand Wash Sink

This DIY is the definition of extremely easy and highly useful. Just drill a hole in the bottom of a plastic basin and place a strainer inside it. Then build a stand using PVC pipes so it can be held in place. After that, plan where you need to lay the hoses, then connect them to a water source. This design will ensure clean water will flow through the strainer into the basin and out from the drain hose.

Building A Modern Concrete Sink

If you are a lover of nature and good art, then this DIY Concrete Sink Project is a must-try for you. The best thing about it is that it is fairly inexpensive and quite easy to construct. You can make one improve the appearance of your bathroom or even the kitchen. The materials required include a mixing bucket and paddle, concrete bag, scissors, an egg carton, a level surface, utility knife, and hookups for the sink drain.

DIY Outdoor Sink from Salvaged Materials

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (11)

It’s really simple to make a nifty, decorative outdoor sink from reclaimed materials. You might have to gather a few materials and tools for the build and commit about an hour to the project. But it is all worth it when you are able to use your finished product for its intended purpose. The sink should only be used outdoors, and you will be the envy of all of your neighbors.

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How To Make An Oil Drum Sink

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (12)

If you love the look of oil drum sinks but are unsure if you can make one yourself, this is the tutorial for you. In just a few steps we show you how to create this beautiful industrial bathroom sink in your home. The only skill needed is welding, but if you don’t have that capability, take it to a workshop – then sit back and enjoy the rustic industrial bathroom sink you’ve created.

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DIY Outdoor KitchenSink

Turn a few old materials into your own DIY outdoor kitchen sink! This project uses leftover pieces of wood and bed slats to make the base and top of your sink, and a faucet can be attached with silicone sealant. It’s easy enough for first-time DIY-ers to make and perfect for an afternoon project. You can even paint the wood any color you want to make it stand out. It’s easy to make, easy to DIY.

DIY Wooden Vessel Sink

22 DIY Sink Projects For Indoor And Outdoor (13)

This DIY Wooden Vessel Sink is designed to be installed above your countertop like a vessel sink, but it requires you to cut out a hole in the top to fit your sink drain and faucet. If you’re looking for a handmade wooden sink you can install on your countertop with no extra cutting or remodeling required, try one of our farmhouse sinks. This wooden vessel sink is sure to be the showpiece of your new bathroom!


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