21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (2023)

Here are the coolest DIY trundle bed plans you can use to build your own beds. These ideas will come in handy if you seek extra sleeping space. These amazing DIY trundle beds can add a designer look to your house. I have brought together the best DIY trundle bed ideas that are well suited to the budget and space you have. You can choose whatever fits your situation and style, whether you want a simple one or something more exciting. Just make sure that you are responsible enough to be able to follow them correctly!

DIY Trundle Bed Ideas

If you are interested in building a DIY trundle bed for your kids, here’s a list of 20 different DIY trundle bed plans that you can choose from. These beds will save space and look attractive in your kid's room. You don't need to shell out money or hire someone to make you a trundle bed. You can do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars, if not more. This post will cover everything you need about DIY trundle beds, from building instructions and measurements, upholstery tips and tricks, and even tutorials to help you along the way."

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Rolling Trundle Bed Idea

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This DIY project shows how you can transform an average and simple bed into a rolling trundle bed. It will be very useful for the toddler in your house who likes to sleep in another room after a long day. Or, of course, you could use it when you are on vacation! As always with DIY projects, dimension accuracy is important to ensure that everything matches your needs perfectly. This rolling trundle bed is a great idea for kids who want to be close to their parents yet need their privacy.

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Homemade DIY Trundle Bed

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Build your trundle bed, a space-saving storage unit, and a room divider. This DIY project is easy to construct and requires parts readily available at most home improvement stores. The materials needed for the project include plywood, quilting batting, staple gun, fabrics, slats, screws, screwdriver, large drawer pulls, drill, and nail adhesive. Start by lining up the tools and materials you'll need for each step before you begin construction. The materials needed for this DIY trundle bed include plywood, quilting batting, a staple gun, fabrics, slats, screws, and a screwdriver.

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Twin Daybed With Trundle

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (3)

Create a fun, functional, and space-saving bedroom with this twin daybed with a trundle. This DIY Twin Daybed With Trundle is an excellent addition to your child’s room, featuring a trundle bed with room underneath for storing toys, linens, and other items. The sophisticated design will add a nice centerpiece wherever you put it. Made of high-quality plywood and finished with a clear coat of lacquer. It features a three-sided open box design that takes up minimal floor space but provides plenty of room for your kiddos to sleep. The trundle is attached under the bed, so you can tuck it away when it’s not in use.

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Make A Trundle Bed On Wheels

Measure and cut the wood for the bed frame. Use a miter saw to make accurate cuts; you may use a power tool if you do not have any other tools. If your furniture has a curve, measure carefully to ensure the angle is correct before making a slice. Once all the pieces of wood are cut, drill pilot holes on each corner with a drill, then screw the pieces together using 3 to 4 smaller nails per joint. This project is the perfect way to save space in a small bedroom and have extra sleeping space when you need it.

DIY Trundle Bed Tutorial

This DIY trundle bed is made from wood and assembled by pocket screwing the parts. The bed is DIYed and not store-bought, so it is cheaper, and you can customize the style of your trundle according to your taste and preference. This bed is a very simple DIY project that can be done over a weekend. It will give you plenty of storage and also provide you with a great-looking bed in any space. All you need are wood and tools to cut, drill pocket holes and attach the pieces. Finish by painting or staining your new piece of furniture.

How To Make A Trundle Bed At Home

This article will teach you how to make a trundle bed. You will need a large piece of hardwood that is large enough to hold the mattress and frame it with slats on its sides. The frame should be strong enough to support the weight of the mattress. Attach wheels to the bottom of this wooden frame, as shown in the image above. An optional handle can also be attached to draw the bed under your bed easily. Attach some caster wheels to its bottom for easy movement. You can also attach a handle for easy gliding.

Loft Bed With Trundle

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (4)

Make an awesome loft bed for your child with our DIY Loft Bed With Trundle. The project starts by preparing all of the wood for joining. Then you can start making the trundle frame. After adding some screws and wood glue, attach it to the sides of your bed and add some cleats to prevent it from sliding off. Once you've stained it and finished assembling your bed, you'll be ready to enjoy a new space for sleeping or reading in style!

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Simple Twin-Size Trundle Bed

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (5)

The DIY Twin Trundle Bed is a great DIY project for beginners and experienced woodworkers. This DIY trundle bed will be perfect for any kids' room. It can easily fit underneath a bed, allowing you to store items under it. This project also offers you a chance to build something for your child that is tailor-made for their room. The materials needed for this project are very simple and easy to purchase at any hardware or home improvement store. These can be found inexpensively in bulk quantities and used repeatedly on future projects.

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Easy DIY Trundle Bed

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (6)

This how-to-build trundle bed is a simple way to create more storage and sleeping space for your growing kids or just yourself when there's a guest. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to assemble the frame from basic materials like MDF, wood screws, nails, and finishing nails. Next, you will screw your casters on each side of the base frame. Attach the drawer to the center bar and measure for your mattress. Put it all together by adding a top decorative piece, then sanding everything smooth before applying polyurethane for added protection against water damage.

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DIY Trundle Bed Queen

Get a queen-size bed with a trundle that can easily roll in and out of the bed frame. This DIY project will take some time and patience, but it’s worth it when you see just how beautiful it looks. The trundle is like a little rollaway that you can build into the bottom of the regular bed. This DIY Queen Size Bed With Trundle can be used for extra sleeping space or as a toy box. Keep your kids busy and excited about construction by letting them build their beds!

Modern Trundle Bed Idea

This DIY modern trundle bed is perfect for your home if you need additional sleeping space in your bedroom. It comes with two drawers for storage and a flat bunk that can be pulled out during the day. Assemble the frame, add caster wheels and finish it with wood stain or paint. It provides extra sleeping space when needed and disappears under the sofa or another piece of furniture when not in use. This DIY trundle bed project is easy enough for beginners but offers a great style that would look nice in any child's room.

Roll Out Bed For Kids Room

The roll-out bed DIY is a simple woodworking project that can transform the look of your dull old bedroom. In this video, learn how to build your roll-out bed with the help of some basic tools, such as a miter saw, track saw, and hand saws. All you need to do is cut all the pieces needed for the track with a track saw, assemble them, and attach casters to it. The finished piece is quite durable, with a large storage shelf on one side, which means you can use the whole thing as a dresser or bookcase when not in use as a sleeping roll-out bed for guests.

DIY Trundle Bed Idea

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (7)

This DIY trundle bed is a great way to create an extra sleeping space in your bedroom, especially if you have a minimal budget. This DIY trundle bed project is easy enough for all skill levels. For this project, you'll need plywood, fabric, cotton batting, and handles. Once you have all the materials, you'll lay down the sheet of batting and wrap it around the plywood, then attach it to the underside. Next, staple your fabric and cut the excess material. Finally, attach handles to each side of the bed.

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How To Make A Trundle Bed

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (8)

In this DIY tutorial, you'll learn how to build a trundle bed. This easy project takes only about 30 minutes of your time and looks great in any room. This article will tell you how to build a trundle bed, which is ideal for space saving in the bedroom or any other room in your home. The trundle will be constructed from wood, paint, and caster wheels. A handle and a double-sided bed have also been incorporated into this project.

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DIY Trundle Bed Plan

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (9)

This DIY Trundle Bed is a fun and stylish addition to any sleep nook. The idea is simple, but the style of this bed is very sophisticated. It's been stained and stapled, and one big stain dripped on it, but I love the results. This DIY trundle bed will allow you to utilize under-the-bed storage space while maximizing your sleeping surface. This simple futon has a built-in storage drawer perfect for extra blankets, pillows, or tucking away seasonal clothing.

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DIY Trundle Bed Frame

With the help of this DIY guide, you can create your bed frame with a trundle and headboard. Use an accurate cutting list to build each component separately, so you can easily attach them later with glue and screws. Once it’s complete, staining the pieces of lumber will give it even more character. Place it in your bedroom and store unused sheets or blankets on top of the trundle for one-night guests. This project requires many trips to the hardware store, so plan accordingly.

Trundle Bed From Pallets

The trundle bed is a perfect guest room addition to your home. It can be pulled out for extra guests or extra storage space. The frame is made from pallets, and the caster wheels provide easy access to the bed storage space below. Stain the wood before assembly, then screw together three to four packs of pallets, depending on the size of your mattress. Lay two pieces of plywood on top of assembled pallets and attach five caster wheels to the bottom. Once complete, pull out the trundle bed when needed and park it back in place when not in use!

Easy To Make Trundle Bed

In this DIY easy trundle bed project, you will learn how to make a trundle bed. The first step is making your template by measuring each piece of wood and marking where the drawer will go. Next, cut out all the pieces of wood needed and assemble them. You can sand down any rough edges or points to make it look more professional and smooth. Finally, attach the wheels to the bed's bottom for easy movement. This simple build is perfect for beginners who can use the template we've provided to make one of their own.

Trundle Bed Build For Kids Room

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (10)

The trundle bed is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many different ways. Check out this idea to learn how to build one for your children. We'll show you how to make this project using basic tools, including a miter saw and a jigsaw. All the materials you need are available at your local hardware store and home improvement center. The design features a combination of plywood and wooden panels, including the mattress base, which provides superior support.

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Trundle Bed For Beginners

21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (11)

This diy trundle bed for beginners offers a unique design that you can use to create your perfect piece of furniture. It will help you create a bed that makes more room, which can be moved whenever needed. This trundle bed has no electric parts and is made of wood. It has a low profile, so the base frame is excellent support for the mattress when assembled and attached properly. Woodworking skills are not required here, but you need to measure all your pieces to ensure they fit exactly as they should.

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DIY Trundle Bed Pop Up
21 DIY Trundle Bed Ideas For Kids' Rooms (12)

Have you been looking for a simple DIY trundle bed? This project is easy to build, with materials available at most home improvement stores. It’s also budget-friendly and can custom fit any space! This was easy to build and could be done on a budget using scrap wood. The kids love their new bed, and I know it will last many years.


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