20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (2023)

Trundle beds are versatile pieces of furniture that can be utilized in several ways. Whether you want to create a custom storage space or provide extra sleeping room for house guests, now you can do so with one of these trundle bed ideas. These DIY trundle bed ideas will inspire you to create your own bed. These beds are great for kids, but adults can enjoy a trundle bed if they want guests to stay with them. Plus, some of these trundle beds are so impressive that you may want to make one yourself! Add a bit of fun and whimsy to your kid's room with these DIY projects.

Homemade DIY Trundle Bed Ideas

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (1)

There's nothing like a good night's sleep, so it makes sense that many people looking for DIY beds want to convert their living room couches into trundle beds. Not only is this a great solution for overnight guests, but it can also be an excellent way to incorporate your style into your living space. Trundle beds are especially useful for small spaces, and they can even allow you to add extra seating during the day when your trundle bed is tucked away. Check out these DIY trundle bed ideas for inspiration, and start transforming your sofa today.

Benefits Of DIY Trundle Bed Ideas

You don't have to spend a lot of money on your bedding. You can do it yourself with simple tools, and the result will be much better than what you can buy from the store. Below are some benefits of DIY trundle bed ideas:

  1. It saves money: Many people don't know how to make their own beds, so they have to buy them from stores. But if you make your own, you'll save a lot because buying ready-made ones is expensive.
  2. You get exactly what you want: When you buy ready-made beds, there are limited options, but when making them yourself, all the possibilities are open, and you can choose whatever model or style suits your taste and needs best.
  3. You get an original product: This is not just about saving money; it's also about having something unique that no one else has!

DIY Rolling Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (2)

It's easier to get a trundle bed that can be tucked away under your bed than it is to make one. But if you are looking for the best quality and have some free time, this DIY Rolling Trundle Bed is a great weekend project. This DIY rolling trundle bed is a great way to get kids out of the bedroom and keep them out of your personal space. When they are not using it, you can easily roll the trundle bed out of the way, leaving you with more room in your bedroom. This simple project takes very little woodworking experience but offers a beautiful finished product.

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How To Build A DIY Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (3)

Building this DIY trundle bed is easy, fun, and economical. You'll love how it looks in your home once assembled. The DIY trundle bed is a perfect project for creating a custom storage solution in your child's room. A sturdy and attractive trundle bed can be built in less than an hour using basic materials, such as plywood, slats, and wood screws. The result is a functional and comfortable piece of furniture that will add style and function to any room.

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DIY Twin Daybed With Trundle

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (4)

Build a twin daybed with casters that double as a trundle bed. This DIY project requires very little skill and is perfect for the beginning DIYer. With this DIY twin daybed with trundle, you can create a comfortable place for your family to relax! This plywood bed has a three-sided open box for storage space underneath. Add casters to the back so you can glide out of bed. Once you have your casters attached, add a top sheet and support slats for extra support.

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How To Make A Trundle Bed On Wheels

This DIY trundle bed is easy to build and will look great in any kid's room. Trundle beds are an excellent space-saving option to store your extra bedding and clothing. This bed frame is great for homes with limited space and kids who need an extra place to sleep during the summer or holidays! Start by cutting all the pieces needed for the bed, then make the slide and assemble the side panels with glue and screws. Once the frame for the bed is ready, attach the caster wheel to it, and you're good to go!

DIY Trundle Bed

This rustic trundle bed is perfect for your daughter. It's easy to assemble and will provide years of use in their room. This trundle bed is a great project you can finish with friends and family. Every step of the way is clearly explained with photos, so even novice woodworkers can successfully build this DIY trundle bed in their own home! With this DIY trundle bed project, you can create a bed custom to your room and style.

How To Make A Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a great idea for any home with children or guests coming in and out for a visit. This DIY project has you building your own trundle bed, just like the ones you can buy in stores. They are very easy to set up, allowing you to add more beds wherever you need them on short notice when the company arrives. It is a great option for people who need to sleep in an emergency. They are especially useful during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other events when the family gets together.

DIY Loft Bed With Trundle

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (5)

This loft bed with a trundle is great for a small home or apartment. It can be made relatively quickly, and the instructions are easy to understand. This loft bed will increase the space in your home, making it a great option for kids or college students. It is a great addition to your kids' room. It features a cleverly designed trundle (for when you have company) and is built with sturdy wood to be used for years. The full-length guardrails protect your kids from falling out of bed at night.

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DIY Simple Twin Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (6)

Pocket hole screws are not the only way to build a trundle. You can also use plywood, wood glue, and a pocket hole jig. This is an easy project that can be completed in one weekend. Build your own DIY simple twin trundle bed using plywood, caster wheels, pocket hole screws, and other basic tools. Complete the room by adding a headboard or painting the frame to match your decor. It's an easy project that will save you money and create a beautiful customized piece of furniture in the space where you need it most.

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How To Build A Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (7)

This is a standard twin-sized trundle bed with a drawer. It can also store things and move them quickly from one room to another. The design of the frame is very simple but sturdy enough for daily use. Build a trundle bed in just a weekend with this step-by-step guide. The all-inclusive set comes with everything you need to ensure success and includes your choice of finish color. All the pieces are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready to be assembled according to the instructions included in the set.

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DIY Queen Size Bed With Trundle

This DIY Queen-Size Bed With Trundle is a great bedroom addition to any home. The trundle bed has wheels and is easily moved around the room when not in use, but it locks in place to provide a sturdy surface for sleeping once you pull it out. Add fun details like colorful pillows, or keep it simple with the queen bed frame. If you are handy and want to save money on a new bed, give this project a try! You're lucky because this project is straightforward and the perfect opportunity to practice your basic framing skills. A trundle bed is a great addition to any room and is ready for guests in a flash—without sacrificing your own bed.

DIY Modern Trundle Bed

Create a modern, sleek trundle bed for your one to three kids using this DIY project. It's functional and adds a unique yet simple look to any room. This project does require some woodworking skills, but it is easy to follow, and anyone can make it! This DIY modern trundle bed is the perfect solution for adding sleeping space. This simple project can be completed in only a few hours and offers a stylish, adaptable solution to guest accommodations. Its smooth lines, tapered legs, and clean lines make this bed look like it was installed by a professional. The three built-in drawers offer extra storage space for linens or other items that must be kept close by.

Roll Out Bed DIY

Your roll-out bed is a piece of furniture that can be used for many purposes. This simple design's clean, modern look is a popular choice in room settings, giving you plenty of storage while keeping your floor space free and clear - perfect for any room. This roll-out bed DIY is perfect for anyone with a small space that needs an extra sleeping room. It's so easy to make, too! Cut all the necessary pieces from large plywood with a track saw and build them into a work of art that turns into a bed when you need it.

DIY Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (8)

This DIY trundle bed is a simple project that anyone with a staple gun, tape measure, and scissors can do. It is a practical addition to any child's room. The steps are simple, and the materials are inexpensive. These beds are sturdy and can be used for decades, even with rough kids. In this DIY project, you'll learn how to make a trundle bed that's both stylish and functional. This simple guide will walk you through all the steps needed to make a beautiful new futon using only basic tools.

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How To Build A Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (9)

With a few easy steps, you can build your own bed frame that you can use to store under the main bed in your room easily. These free plans will teach you how to build a trundle bed frame with caster wheels that can be easily moved when needed. Start cutting and assembling the pieces, then attach the caster wheels to the base. Paint the bed frame before hanging it on your current bed frame and adding sheets and blankets.

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DIY Trundle Bed

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (10)

If you have a little one at home, this DIY Trundle Bed is just what you need. It looks very attractive and can easily be made by anyone. The best part is that it's practically free since the materials cost very little. This DIY trundle bed is an easy project for the beginner woodworker. It's a great way to use that sheet of plywood you bought but never had an idea what to do with.

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DIY Bed Frame With Trundle

This DIY bed frame offers ultimate comfort and plenty of storage space. It's crafted from strong pine, and the drawers offer ample room for storing your linens, blankets, and more! Build your own bed frame with this DIY project. The final product will include a headboard, footboard, and side rails. The steps are easy to follow, and all materials can be purchased from the hardware store. You'll have an affordable and stylish new headboard for your bedroom in no time.

Homemade Trundle Bed From Pallets

This DIY is so simple to make you won't believe it. Get three to four pallets, attach caster wheels, and lay two pieces of plywood on them; then, you're done! Pallets can be used to make other things, too. At home, you can use a pallet to make a trundle bed, a piece of furniture that you can use as a stand-alone additional or portable bed for guests. This DIY pallet trundle bed will cost you less than $50 and can be assembled in less than two hours - even if you're not an expert handyman.

DIY Trundle Bed

This DIY reclaimed lumber trundle bed is the perfect platform to store extra linens and towels or use as extra seating when you have guests over. A detailed tutorial shows you how to create a personalized storage solution matching home decor. Building a trundle bed is a great way to bring extra guests into the fold, but sometimes there's just no room for extra beds. If you want to create that extra space and need extra sleep, here's how to build a trundle bed using simple tools and materials.

Trundle Bed Build

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (11)

A trundle bed is a cost-effective kids' bed that reveals storage space and can be rolled under the mattress when unused. This trundle bed is a great way to combine functionality and style. The assembly process involves attaching the wood panels to the base, laying down all components of your mattress, then finishing up your project by adding caster wheels and painting. Add extra sleeping space to your home by building this simple DIY trundle bed.

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DIY Trundle Bed For Beginners

20 DIY Trundle Bed Woodworking Plans (12)

This DIY Trundle Bed is easy and quick to build; you need basic skills, a few hours, and the right tools. You can make it easily by yourself at home. It's perfect for your unfinished basement or garage. This DIY trundle bed is simple; it only requires a few tools and hardware items to make. And it's easily customizable, too; the legs can work from any material and size you want, including lumber that you may have in your garage already. You need some wood glue to attach them to the trundle bed frame, which makes this project even easier.

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