20 DIY Folding Table Ideas | How To Make Foldable Tables (2023)

Everyone needs a folding table in their home or office, and it's even better if they're one of the DIY folding table ideas that can be made without investing much time or money. Whether you're looking for the perfect dining table to spruce up your kitchen, or you want to recreate that antique-inspired coffee table for your living room, keep these things in mind when coming up with your idea.

Your ability to easily move them around matters, so we have also added some tables with the moving features. DIY folding table ideas are so useful in so many situations, from small spaces to having family and friends over for a meal to simply when you want to have a small amount of extra workspace when needed. And when it comes to what kinds of folding table furniture projects you can do to beautify your home uniquely, the possibilities are endless!

DIY Folding Table Ideas

Whether you want a multipurpose model or an all-in-one table, great DIY folding table ideas are available for you! You can use these fabulous folding tables as an alternative to the larger-sized farmhouse tables because they require less space and cost only a few dollars, making them almost everyone's favorite. These easy-to-build plans come with everything you need to complete your table and photographs and diagrams to make building them even easier. Use the included step-by-step instructions and ideas to create a functional and attractive set of folding tables for your home and office. Here are 22 DIY folding table ideas to motivate you to make one yourself. They are easy to build, quite sturdy, and very customizable.

How to Make an Outdoor Folding Table:

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Imagine your next summer barbecue outdoors. You’ve got the food, drink, and companionship but need extra table space for all that good stuff. Previously you had to find a spot on the ground or build your surface, neither of which are ideal or aesthetically appealing. This DIY outdoor folding table is collapsible when not in use, perfect for any occasion where you need some extra table space! It can be customized into a workstation for crafts-os who prefer sitting down while doing their makeup, a Ping-Pong Table (a personal favorite), or even set up as scenery at large events like weddings! Made from PVC pipe and basic fixtures, this project relies heavily on heat guns to complete its construction process, so be careful in the making process.


Make A Folding Table Without Hinges

With this amazing video tutorial, you'll learn to make an awesome folding table without hinges. This DIY table is perfect for those summer BBQs, camping, or just everyday use. You can build it yourself with some basic tools and pallets that you can find at most home improvement stores. This table is simple and easy to make by yourself. It can be used as a portable table or a folding picnic table for outdoor use. It is made with materials that are cheap and easily available. The video tutorial is suitable for beginners who are new to woodworking, and they do not need any equipment except their hands and tools that they may already have at home.


The best way to keep everything tidy and organized without adding too much weight is by using the DIY Folding Table for Travelling. With its durable, lightweight aluminum frame, it’s got enough space to work comfortably right next to the chair you game in all day, but once you’re done eating tacos or building that cool fort out of tables, all you need to do is fold up the legs inward and yank on that handle for a lock. And with just 18 pounds when folded up, it’ll take up less than two square feet of storage space, so your dorm room can still be livable!

How to Build a Large Folding Table:

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Want a convenient way to store your outdoor dining furniture when the season changes? Keep an extra table on hand for game nights and other family gatherings? This DIY project will show you step-by-step how to build a folding table that is sturdy, durable, and space-efficient. For this DIY, you need Plywood (no less than ½ inch thick), a circular saw, and a screw gun with driver bits in standard sizes of 8 mm or 10 mm metric screws (at least 6 inches long). Its creation will be great fun and easy, plus you'll admire the excellent features of this folding table.


Industrial Folding Table

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Create a portable and stylish table perfect for tailgating and team-watching parties with friends! There’s no need to worry about a bulky truck or trailer if you want to go away with your favorite sports team. This DIY folding table is easy to make and doesn’t break the bank, but it still looks professional because of the galvanized pipe and industrial square box used for the tabletop. Just decorate it with your favorite logo! The galvanized pipe construction makes it sturdy but super easy to set up. And the cooler design makes it easy to travel with, so you can enjoy your team anytime, anywhere!


DIY Folding Table For Outdoor Party

In this video, viewers learn to make their folding tables. They can be used for various purposes, including a picnic table or bar height table outside in nature and at home for a buffet table or kitchen table when entertaining. The fun project features many tips and tricks on making furniture without nails or glue. The purpose of making this folding table is to provide a service that can be used in everyday life by anyone who needs it and enable people to access the world of handicrafts without much difficulty.

DIY Foldable Table from Scrap wood:

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The DIY foldable table from scrap wood is a bit advanced, but with the tools available and those who want to add some fashionable furniture to their space can build this table in a day. It can easily pack away for storage, and you’ll love how it weighs less than 10 pounds when completed, so portability is never an issue. Use it as your coffee table or side table when the occasion requires it! Its firm placement makes this folding table an excellent alternative t the dedicated sewing table. A tailor lady can find this collapsible table very useful.


DIY Simple Wooden Table:

Leave your worries behind with the DIY Simple Wooden Table. Made for those who want a beautiful table right now and not two weeks from today, this gets you awesome quality minus the hard work. The furniture is made to fold easily like an extendable table that is sturdy as hell, so you can enjoy it for years to come, aka nothing will break (unless you’re looking at it in the wrong way). With different colors and patterns available, creativity is all yours here! This amazing DIY table comes with several useabilities that can make it fit your personalized needs easily.

Making Cedar Folding Table

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This folding table is an excellent addition to your outdoor living area. It can be easily transported and used as a workbench or even a serving table. The finished product should be sanded down to give the wood a smooth texture. The legs are secured with bolts and wingnuts for an easy construction process. Cedarwood is ideal for this project because it's easy to work with and durable enough to handle being outside in the elements. This project won't require any tools that most people don't already own! This table is a great addition to any outdoor get-together; it can be taken on fishing trips, camping trips, and more!


How to Build a Compact Folding Table:

All you need are three things to create this admirable DIY piece—a standard woodworking tool, a type of medium-sized plank, and -of course- your imagination. With instructions including measurements and wiring diagrams (although not an axe), it's easy for anyone from beginners to pros alike to complete the project in hours! A compact folding table with sturdy legs that can't be more than 2 inches wide when folded for storage. Perfect for any living room and would fit any situation or occasion where furniture goes unsaid!

DIY Fold Away Desk:

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This desk is like the one you've always dreamed of - it fits into any room, can be set up in a matter of minutes, and doesn't require much upkeep. The project is surprisingly easy and will take about 3-4 hours. This product can be used for more than just a desk; it's the perfect craft station or table to do work from home! The inventive design can transform from one to the other without fuss or hassle, meaning it's available when you need it but tidy and out of sight when you don't. It requires little preparation time and offers convenience, making it too easy to take advantage of this fantastic creation!


How to Make a Folding Table:

Are you bored with your old work desk? I wish you could have a wall-mounted table that's easy to construct and can be customized for more than just a table? We've got the perfect DIY for you. Check out this step-by-step video guide on making your foldable tabletop with our products in no time! It has multiple features that make it a heartedly favorite of almost every DIYer and a great impressive decorative addition to any home.

DIY Folding Umbrella Table:

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Beach season can be tough when you have to know where to keep your possessions like food, drink, and gadgets. The DIY folding table solves that problem by sliding in an umbrella slot for easy shade from the hot sun. All of this convenience is packed into one compact carry-on size, so there's no fussing around with things or storing them away while you dip in the waves during the day! It will also be excellent for creating fun scenery inside the home, especially when hosting parties; it will fit great in many fantastic decoration ideas.


DIY Folding Table for Kids:

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There’s no one with control stronger than small hands when it comes to kids. And when they want to do their arts and crafts, you can’t live without a table that has space for all of their neat and orderly supplies and different surfaces. So you don’t end up creating more mess on the floor by trying to accommodate them. Luckily for you, this folding tabletop is perfect. Spacious and sturdy, this table has seats designed for children up to 5 years old, perfect for arts and crafts. Its versatility is one of the best features: with its folding design that four chairs can be pulled out from underneath at any moment, you have a portable workstation no matter where life takes you. With simple yet brilliant engineering, closing your DIY Folding Table for Kids will take less than 30 seconds.


Handmade Folding Table:

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This elegant DIY folding table is a staple at gatherings and holiday events. The DIY folding table easel allows complete customization for every event by choosing the colors for the paint on the metal legs you would like to use to spruce your outdoor party. The legs of these tables are strong enough to hold up the weight of heavy china dishes and diners that keep their homes stocked away from those annoying times when accidents happen. Construction skills are helpful but not necessary, as this lovely table will come with easy step-by-step instructions to guide you throughout the making process.


How to Make a Folding Camping Table:

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The DIY camping folding table is perfect for hosting a gathering with friends at your campsite, spending some quality time in the woods, or making work easy on the go. It will be A versatile and inexpensive solution for dining, serving, or a place to set up your laptop. The beauty of this folding camping table is in the design. Customize it with straight cuts for your tabletop and a color scheme that best suits you. The straighter the cuts are on your wood, all will go as planned!


DIY Folding Side Table:

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Craft your table in minutes with this innovative DIY side table folding design. You can create additional instant spots to gather around the coffee table. Four times tougher than traditional folding tables with metal hinges and screws because there are none! With this DIY folding side table, you'll never need tools again! It's easy to build and comes with a step-by-step guide. There's no damage to the Earth here since there's no metal involved in assembly; just wood, glue, and effort!


DIY Hexagon Folding Table:

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Our DIY Folding Table is an all-in-one solution to your dining needs. Ideal for camping, tailgating, outdoor entertaining, or simply using limited space in the kitchen. This is a great way to cut down on the amount of clutter taking up space in your home and, at the same time, gives you a large work surface that easily stores away under your bed when not in use, or even better still, it can be taken out and used from time to time. It’s lightweight and easy to move about if you want to use it outside as a picnic table. Use the mosaic tile design to make this folding table look more impressive, although a small drawer underneath will surely enhance the sophistication and usability of this table.


How to Build a Folding Table:

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This is a way to work smarter and be creative. You will find it easier to get things done with this product. With this plan, you can simplify your life without any additional items needed - all of the components are included! People who do not have space in their homes know; how easy it is to build a fantastic folding table that can go away when not in use. The design of this table makes for clever storage and space-saving living. A full printable plan gives you all the visuals and instructions needed to complete your projects.


DIY Small Folding Table:

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This small folding table is an excellent project for first-time woodworkers or any crafter looking to tackle a smaller build. The on-screen 3D model makes it easy to size out; cut your boards without having to do so by guesswork. It will be a stunningly impressive and beautiful addition to your home decor; a great option to show off your mastery of DIYer skills. This table's countertop can be divided into two parts to provide easiness for the table to get folded. It will be a superb less space occupying sturdier folding table choice, and you'll heartedly love it.


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