13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (2023)

Wholesale marketplaces allow you to quickly find and source low-cost wholesale merchandise from multiple suppliers using a single platform.

Furthermore, wholesale marketplaces typically offer unique services to help you grow your business including financing options, net payment terms and returns on unsold stock.

Here you will find a list of the 13 best wholesale marketplaces in the US, UK and China. Whether you’re looking to source wholesale products to sell on eBay or your ecommerce store, the following marketplaces are suitable for all types of retailers.

1. DHgate (China)

With more than 10 million buyers in over 150 countries, DHgate is one of the most popular business-to-business wholesale marketplaces in China.

In fact, DHgate has millions of products available to purchase in bulk quantities for the lowest wholesale prices. Simply browse the various categories or search for specific products to instantly find exclusive wholesale deals in your niche.

DHgate also features quick filters that allow you to narrow down the results by minimum order value, shipping location and price range, as well as free shipping availability.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (1)


Consumer electronics, cell phone accessories, sports accessories, health, beauty, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, fashion accessories, homeware, kids toys, tools, bags.


  • Leading online wholesale marketplace in China
  • Millions of top wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Unmatched range of products in every category
  • Filter results by minimum order and price range
  • Buyer protection policy with guaranteed refunds

2. SaleHoo (Global)

SaleHoo is a global online wholesale directory and B2B marketplace that features more than 2.5 million products from over 8000 vetted wholesalers and manufacturers.

Since it’s launch in 2005, SaleHoo has firmly established itself as one of the best platforms for finding top-tier suppliers and low-cost products for resale. In fact, SaleHoo has hundreds of positive ratings on TrustPilot and has been featured on a number of major websites including Forbes Magazine, CNBC, HuffPost and MSN.

Whether you want to source clothing, toys, electronics, tools or beauty products, SaleHoo has suppliers in every top category and location including the US, UK, China and Europe.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (2)


Electronics, phone accessories, clothing, footwear, bags, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, beauty supplies, household goods, garden accessories, toys, gifts, tools, travel accessories.


  • Largest online directory of certified wholesale suppliers
  • More than 1.5 million products from 8000 wholesalers
  • Suppliers from multiple locations including US/UK/EU
  • Hundreds of glowing reviews on websites like TrustPilot
  • Featured on CNBC, MSN, Forbes Magazine and more

3. Trayde (UK)

Featured on some of the biggest media outlets in the world including Metro and The Independent, Trayde is the UK’s fastest growing online wholesale marketplace.

Trayde allows you to source unique wholesale products directly from thousands of independent brands such as ElleyHome, Lunar James and AV Typography. In fact, all of the sellers on the Trayde marketplace were handpicked and vetted by the platform.

From home decor and soft furnishings to jewellery, stationery, beauty accessories and clothing, Trayde has a wide selection of original wholesale products to choose from.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (3)


Housewares, home decor, textiles, jewellery, health, beauty, toiletries, stationery, greeting cards, clothing, fashion accessories, bags, food, drinks, sweets.


  • UK’s fastest growing online wholesale marketplace
  • Source from vetted and certified UK-based brands
  • Huge range of unique and fast-selling merchandise
  • Flexible net 30 and net 60 payment terms available
  • Suitable for retailers, ecommerce stores and traders

4. Tundra (USA)

Trusted by more than 25,000 retailers, Tundra is the USA’s largest online wholesale marketplace with over 2 million products from 10,000 independent brands.

From fashion accessories to jewelry, kids toys, kitchenware and pet supplies, Tundra has something for all types of retailers. Simply open a free account and start sourcing directly from multiple leading US-based wholesalers and brands using a single platform.

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Tundra does not charge any commissions or transactions fees. Therefore, suppliers can offer buyers the lowest wholesale prices, often up to 50% off MSRP.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (4)


Clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, health, beauty, homeware, home decor, textiles, kitchenware, kids toys, pet supplies, stationery, office.


  • Trusted online wholesale marketplace in the USA
  • More than 2 million products from 10,000 brands
  • Featured on TechCrunch and Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Source from multiple brands using a single platform
  • Trade-only website with the lowest wholesale prices

5. Alibaba (China)

Founded in 1991, Alibaba is the largest online wholesale directory and marketplace for finding leading China-based manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

In fact, with billions in revenue and more than 500 million global users, Alibaba is a giant in the ecommerce and wholesale market. Whether you’re looking to source kids toys or electronics, Alibaba has millions of trusted suppliers in every major category.

Furthermore, Alibaba is the most popular platform for sourcing customisable and private label products from OEM/ODM suppliers in China.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (5)


Consumer electronics, phone accessories, clothing, apparel, fashion accessories, jewellery, homeware, home decor, textiles, toys, tools, beauty, health.


  • Mega online wholesale directory and marketplace
  • Find trusted China-based wholesalers in minutes
  • More than 500 global users and billions in revenue
  • Suitable for retailers, eBay sellers and web stores
  • Millions of products in virtually any top category

6. Wholesale Clearance (UK)

With a 4.9-star rating from more than 230 customers on TrustPilot, Wholesale Clearance is a reputable and trusted online wholesale marketplace with a specialisation in liquidated, bankrupt and clearance stock offers, typically in small lots or one-off bulk lots.

Perfect for marketplace traders, eBay sellers and ecommerce stores, all of the products on Wholesale Clearance are available to purchase for up to 95% off RRP.

In fact, Wholesale Clearance has thousands of clients across the UK, including some renowned brands including Groupon, KGB Deals and QVC.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (6)


Clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, electronics, tech gadgets, mobile phone accessories, jewellery, beauty supplies, kids toys, homeware, tools, poundlines.


  • Well-established online wholesale marketplace
  • Specialisation in liquidated and bankrupt stock
  • Purchase goods for up to 95% or more off RRP
  • Suitable for eBay/Amazon sellers and web stores
  • 4.9-star rating from over 200 reviews on TrustPilot

7. Bousty (USA)

Owned by Bulk Apothecary, one of the largest suppliers of soap making supplies and essential oils in the USA, Bousty is a leading online wholesale marketplace with more than 250,000 products from thousands of unique brands, all in one place.

From independent retail shops to eBay sellers, spas, health stores and specialty boutiques, over 200,000 businesses use Bousty to source high-quality inventory.

Furthermore, with flexible 6-month financing options and net 90 payment terms available, Bousty is perfect for start-ups or small stores looking to quickly grow their businesses.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (7)


Health, beauty, cosmetics, wellness, homeware, home accessories, jewelry, gifts, kitchenware, clothing, fashion accessories, pet supplies, stationery.


  • Leading online wholesale marketplace in the USA
  • Over 250,000 products from thousands of brands
  • Trusted by more than 200,000 independent retailers
  • 6 months financing options or net 90 payment terms
  • Fast and secure website with no membership fees

8. Global Sources (China)

Global Sources is a business-to-business wholesale marketplace that connects global buyers with verified China-based manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

In fact, Global Sources is one of the original online wholesale marketplaces, pioneering B2B trade services through ecommerce since 1995. Today, Global Sources has more than 10 million registered buyers in over 100 countries across the world.

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Simply browse the marketplace and use filters to narrow down the results by minimum order value, lead time, supplier ranking, certificates and more.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (8)


Car accessories, car parts, consumer electronics, phone accessories, electronic components, clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, hardware, homeware, tools.


  • Established online wholesale marketplace in China
  • Pioneering the B2B ecommerce trade since 1995
  • Millions of products from leading Chinese suppliers
  • More than 10 million buyers in over 100 countries
  • Used by some of the world’s largest retail brands

9. Faire (US/UK)

Featured on Fast Company and Forbes Magazine, Faire is an innovative online wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with more than 40,000 leading brands and wholesalers from across the US, UK, EU and globally.

In fact, more than 300,000 retailers use Faire to find and source trendy products for their retail stores, ecommerce businesses or small online boutiques.

From home decor to fashion accessories, jewelry, toys, stationery and pet supplies, Faire has an extensive range of high-quality products in almost every major category or niche.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (9)


Homeware, home decor, kitchenware, textiles, fashion accessories, beauty, skincare, fragrances, jewelry, stationery, party supplies, kids toys, pet supplies.


  • Award-wining online wholesale marketplace
  • Over 40,000 independent wholesale suppliers
  • Trusted by more than 300,000 global retailers
  • Flexible net 60 payment terms on all products
  • Free returns within 60 days for unsold items

10. Go Wholesale (UK)

With more than 50,000 products from a fast-growing network of certified wholesale suppliers, Go Wholesale is the UK’s largest online wholesale clothing marketplace.

Perfect for fashion stores, online boutiques and ecommerce websites, Go Wholesale has a huge range of modern and stylish clothing lines including men’s, women’s and kids clothing, as well as footwear, fashion accessories, makeup and cosmetics.

With Go Wholesale, you can quickly start sourcing products from multiple leading UK-based clothing wholesalers using a single platform.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (10)


Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids clothing, tops, t-shirts, bottoms, pants, dresses, skirts, tracksuits, hoodies, joggers, footwear, shoes, cosmetics, makeup.


  • UK’s largest online wholesale fashion marketplace
  • Over 50,000 stylish and trendy clothing products
  • Growing network of certified UK-based wholesalers
  • Source products from multiple leading suppliers
  • 60 day payment terms available on all products

11. Creoate (UK)

Creoate is another highly popular online wholesale marketplace that connects business-to-business buyers with reputable UK and EU-based wholesalers and manufacturers.

In fact, all of the suppliers on the Creoate marketplace were manually verified and approved. Therefore, you can have confidence in knowing that you’re sourcing merchandise from reputable and reliable wholesale companies and brand owners.

Whether you own a clothing store, pet shop or small online boutique, Creoate caters to businesses of all sizes with a wide range of goods and 60-day returns on unsold stock.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (11)


Housewares, home decor, garden accessories, kitchenware, textiles, clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, bags, beauty, makeup, cosmetics, stationery, gifts, toys, food.


  • Popular online wholesale marketplace in the UK
  • Huge range of products in most top categories
  • Growing network of UK/EU-based wholesalers
  • Fast and free UK shipping on orders over £200
  • 60-day returns on unsold stock from most brands

12. Abound (US/UK)

Founded in 2019, Abound is a leading online wholesale marketplace with more than 500,000 products from top wholesalers and manufacturers in the UK and USA.

Simply switch between the UK or US version of the website and browse through the hundreds of categories to quickly locate wholesalers and products in your niche. Abound has everything from homeware to jewelry, kids toys, pet supplies, stationery and beauty products.

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Offering 60-day returns on unsold stock and 60-day payment terms, Abound is also one of the most flexible and reliable wholesale marketplaces for start-ups and independents.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (12)


Homeware, kitchenware, garden accessories, jewelry, beauty products, fragrances, makeup, skincare, toys, baby accessories, stationery, food, drinks, pet supplies.


  • Leading wholesale marketplace for UK/US retailers
  • More than 500,000 products in almost every category
  • Suitable for brick-and-mortar stores and online shops
  • Free returns within 60 days on unsold merchandise
  • Net 60 payment terms available on qualifying brands

13. Direct Liquidation (US)

Operating since 2007, Direct Liquidation is the USA’s largest online wholesale auctions marketplace for sourcing liquidation, bankrupt and excess stock directly from leading global retailers and manufacturers including Amazon, Walmart and Lenovo.

With thousands of products in more than 100 categories including electronics, tools, furniture, homeware and jewelry, Direct Liquidation is the ideal wholesale partner for start-up ecommerce stores, online retailers and marketplace traders.

Direct Liquidation has exclusive contracts with some of the largest retailers and brands in North America, allowing you to source directly for below wholesale prices.

13 Best Wholesale Marketplaces in 2023 (Top B2B Websites) (13)


Electronics, car accessories, furniture, homeware, clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, jewelry, health, beauty, office supplies, garden accessories, sports accessories, toys.


  • USA’s largest online wholesale auctions marketplace
  • Source directly from top retailers including Amazon
  • Real-time bidding on liquidated and bankrupt stock
  • Below wholesale prices with massive resale profits
  • Featured on Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post

More Wholesale Marketplaces

The wholesale marketplaces listed above are the most popular and reliable on the market. However, there are a ton of additional wholesale marketplaces to choose from. Here’s a short list of some alternative wholesale marketplaces for your consideration.

  • Liqidation.com – Leading online wholesale auctions marketplace for sourcing liquidation and excess stock for up to 70-80% off the retail prices.
  • Orderchamp – Digital marketplace for buying and selling wholesale products with low minimum orders, free shipping and 60-day payment terms.
  • TradeGala – UK-based wholesale fashion marketplace that connects sustainable fashion brands with B2B buyers and retailers.
  • Dropee – Innovative business-to-business wholesale marketplace trusted by more than 50,000 global retailers since 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions cover everything related to finding and using wholesale marketplaces. If you have any questions regarding the individual marketplaces listed above, please contact the marketplace directly for support.

What is a wholesale marketplace?

A wholesale marketplace is an online website or app that connects business-to-business buyers with reputable wholesalers and manufacturers.

Similar to eBay, but exclusively for B2B trading, wholesale marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular for retailers to source high-quality merchandise for their ecommerce store or brick-and-mortar shop, directly from trusted brands and manufacturers.

Most wholesale marketplaces allow you to place orders with the suppliers directly through the website or platform, as well as browse and compare their products. You can also contact the suppliers directly to ask questions or negotiate trade deals.

Why use a wholesale marketplace?

From being able to source products from multiple wholesale suppliers to accessing exclusive features such as buyer protection, financing options, flexible returns and net payment terms, using a wholesale marketplace has a number of benefits.

In fact, using a wholesale marketplace is the best way to quickly find hot-selling products for your retail store or ecommerce website, without having to purchase in massive bulk quantities or deal with multiple platforms, suppliers and policies.

What is the best wholesale marketplace in the UK?

Trayde, SaleHoo and Fair are the best wholesale marketplaces for finding and sourcing high-quality goods from UK-based wholesale suppliers. Trayde has thousands of certified UK-based brands and wholesalers, whereas SaleHoo has more than 2 million products from 8000 vetted suppliers, around 2000 of which are located in the UK. Faire also has more than 40,000 suppliers in the UK and US.

However, there are a number of additional wholesale marketplaces for UK-based retailers. For example, Wholesale Clearance is a highly popular UK wholesale marketplace for sourcing liquidated, bankrupt and clearance stock in exclusive job lot or bulk lot offers.

Go Wholesale is another reputable online wholesale marketplace in the UK with a specialisation in clothing and fashion accessories. Furthermore, Creoate has thousands of UK wholesale suppliers in virtually every category or niche from clothing to kids toys.

What is the best wholesale marketplace in the US?

SaleHoo, Trunda and Bousty are the best wholesale marketplaces for sourcing merchandise from US-based brands and wholesalers. Trunda has more than 2 million products from over 10,000 independent brands, whereas SaleHoo has 8000 verified wholesalers, more than 3000 of which are based in the USA. Bousty has around 250,000 unique products from US wholesalers.

However, there are a huge number of additional wholesale marketplaces for finding US-based suppliers and products to source. For example, Faire and Abound both have thousands of US-based wholesalers and brands to choose from.

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Furthermore, many Chinese wholesale marketplaces such as DHgate and Alibaba have a network of suppliers with local US-based warehouses and fast global shipping options. Simply search the marketplace and filter the results by shipping location.

What is the best wholesale marketplace in China?

DHgate is the best wholesale marketplace in China. DHgate has millions of wholesale products from more than 1 million verified suppliers. Simply search for a product and start sourcing from multiple suppliers directly through the DHgate platform.

DHgate also has a buyer protection policy that includes guaranteed refunds or replacements. In fact, DHgate will keep the funds from your order on hold until the goods have been received and inspected. The payment will only be released to the seller after confirmation of delivery.

Alternatively, Alibaba is also a highly popular wholesale marketplace in China with millions of products and thousands of manufacturers and wholesalers. However, Alibaba is mostly suited to those who are looking to negotiate trade deals on bulk quantities directly with suppliers.

SaleHoo is also a great platform for finding Chinese wholesalers or manufacturers as they have more than 1500 suppliers based in China. You can quickly search the directory and use filters to find suppliers headquartered in China.

What is the best wholesale marketplace for clothing?

Go Wholesale is the best wholesale marketplace for sourcing clothing and fashion accessories in the UK, whereas Trunda is the best wholesale marketplace for clothing in the USA. When it comes to purchasing clothing from China, DHgate and Alibaba are the best marketplaces.

However, many of the wholesale marketplaces listed in this guide have suppliers that specialise in selling clothing or fashion accessories. For example, SaleHoo, Faire and Creoate also have thousands of clothing products from leading wholesalers in the UK and USA.

TradeGala is also a fast-growing wholesale marketplace that specialises in clothing and fashion accessories. In fact, TradeGala has thousands of men’s and women’s clothing lines from some of the UK’s most trusted fashion wholesalers and manufacturers.

What is the best wholesale marketplace for giftware?

SaleHoo, DHgate, Trayde and Trunda are the best wholesale marketplaces for sourcing giftware as the each have a huge selection of unique gifts including homeware, home decor, jewellery, charms, clothing, ornaments, figurines, wall art, toys and more.

However, you can purchase gifts and giftware from almost any of the wholesale marketplaces listed in this guide. In fact, giftware is one of the most popular niches when it comes to the wholesale market. Therefore, you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding suppliers.

What is the best wholesale marketplace for toys?

Faire, SaleHoo and Creoate are the best wholesale marketplaces for sourcing toys from UK-based suppliers, whereas Tundra is the best marketplace for purchasing toys from US-based wholesalers. DHgate and Alibaba are the best wholesale marketplaces for importing wholesale toys from China.

Wholesale Clearance and Direct Liquidation are also reputable online marketplaces for sourcing liquidated, bankrupt and excess toys in bulk lots or job lots for massively reduced prices. In fact, Wholesale Clearance has a huge range of toys for up to 90% off the RRP.

How do I find more wholesale suppliers?

To find more wholesale suppliers, make sure you browse our wholesale suppliers category. We have a huge collection of free guides on the best wholesale suppliers from multiple locations across the globe including the UK, USA and China.

Alternatively, you can search on Google using long-tail keywords such as ‘women’s shoes wholesaler in the uk’ or ‘dog beds wholesalers in the usa’. You may also want to read our article on the best wholesale websites for finding suppliers.

What’s the difference between a wholesale marketplace and directory?

Wholesale marketplaces allow buyers to purchase inventory from suppliers directly through the platform, whereas wholesale directories connect buyers to suppliers and allow them to trade outside of the platform, usually through the website of the wholesaler.

Wholesale marketplaces have a number of advantages over a directory such as allowing buyers to source from multiple suppliers using a single platform. Most wholesale marketplaces also offer buyer protection and financing options, as well as net payment terms.

However, wholesale directories allow you to source inventory directly from the supplier, thus avoiding any middlemen fees. Wholesale directories also have more choice when it comes to suppliers as they usually don’t charge commissions like marketplaces.

Final Word

Whether you own a physical retail store or ecommerce website, using a wholesale marketplace is the best way to find and compare the best wholesale suppliers and products.

In fact, wholesale marketplaces allow you to source merchandise from multiple different suppliers using a single platform. No more need to attend endless trade shows or B2B events.

Hopefully the wholesale marketplaces listed in this guide have provided you with some viable options to consider when it comes to sourcing wholesale goods.

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What is the biggest wholesale marketplace? ›

Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world. With more than 10 million buyers looking for products to resell through their own stores, opening a seller account gives you the opportunity to reach them—and generate more revenue.

What wholesale website is best? ›

Top 20+ online wholesale vendors/ suppliers
  • eBay.
  • Costco.
  • SaleHoo.
  • Worldwide Brands.
  • BrandsGateway.
  • Alibaba.
  • DHgate.
  • Inventory Source.
7 days ago

Who is the biggest wholesaler in the US? ›

Costco is a US-based wholesale supplier and multinational corporation. The company is the third largest wholesale supplier in the world and the top in the US.

What is the biggest B2B marketplace? ›

Amazon Business

Mostly used for business-owned purchases (rather than discovering inventory to resell), it's one of the biggest B2B marketplaces in the world. Amazon Business is forecasted to reach $83 billion in GMV by 2025. Pros of Amazon Business: Reach a global audience through the marketplace.

What marketplace sells the best? ›

#1 top online marketplace: Amazon

One of the biggest benefits to selling on Amazon is the access to the marketplace giant's multi-million buyer base.

How do you know if a wholesaler is real? ›

Verifying your wholesale supplier
  1. Identify the supplier's full business name and contact information on the website. Note whether the information is transparent on their website or if it's difficult to find.
  2. Call the supplier to see if they answer.
May 10, 2022

How do I find wholesale business online? ›

Use trade directories like TSNN or 10times, online business associations, and wholesale directories to find suppliers for product sourcing from Alibaba, NREL and Wholesale Central. You can also ask your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Development Center for advice on wholesale providers.

How do I get wholesale with no money? ›

To help those who want to know exactly what steps to take starting wholesaling today with no money, here is a simple road map to use.
  1. Step 1: Do your research. ...
  2. Step 2: Build a buyers list. ...
  3. Step 3: Find deals to market. ...
  4. Step 4: Graduate to buying property. ...
  5. Step 5: Find financing. ...
  6. Step 6: Have an exit strategy.
Jun 7, 2021

Where do wholesalers get their products? ›

A wholesale supplier acts as a middleman between manufacturers and sellers. Typically, a wholesaler doesn't sell directly to the end consumers. Instead, a wholesale license allows them to buy products in bulk from manufacturers at a discount and resell the products to business owners at a slight markup.

Where can I find reliable suppliers? ›

There are a number of ways to find a good supplier for your business, and a good way to begin searching is with a Google search.
Finding the right supplier
  • Trade shows – One of the best places to find suppliers is at a trade show. ...
  • Trade publications – Search magazines specific to your industry or market.
Dec 17, 2019

What is the US equivalent to Alibaba? ›

Amazon. This Alibaba alternative and former bookstore has become the largest online marketplace in the United States, and one of the largest e-commerce portals in the world.

What are some good wholesale companies? ›

Read on to learn how to find the best wholesale companies in the US.
5 of the Best Wholesale Suppliers in the Nation
  • Doba Inc. ...
  • Dollar Days. ...
  • Shark Eyes Wholesale Eyewear. ...
  • Shewin. ...
  • Faire. ...
  • Wholesale Mart. ...
  • Superior Threads. ...
  • United States Wholesale.
Jul 29, 2022

Where can I find US suppliers? ›

There are several leading directories of US manufacturers, including ThomasNet, MFG.com and Maker's Row. Of course, you could also search by using a few well-chosen keywords, such as “US widget manufacturer,” or ask for referrals from your business associates.

Which B2B site is the best in USA? ›

Top 5 B2B Websites in the USA
  • Dhgate.Com.
  • GlobalSources.com.
  • Alibaba.com.
  • SeeBiz Website.
Jun 27, 2022

Which B2B site is the best? ›

B2B e-commerce platforms in India
  • Amazon Business. Amazon needs no introduction and it comes under the best b2b apps in India. ...
  • IndiaMART. This again is a renowned platform and continues to make its way into the best b2b portals in India. ...
  • TradeIndia. Founded in 1996 by Bikki Khosla. ...
  • Udaan. ...
  • Alibaba. ...
  • Power2SME. ...
  • ExportersIndia.
Apr 30, 2022

Which is the best B2B portal in world? ›

Below is the list of B2B online markets that offer you the best opportunity to connect with a global audience.
  1. Alibaba. Alibaba, founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and Peng Lei, is the world's largest B2B marketplace for wholesale goods. ...
  2. eWorldTrade. ...
  3. Global Sources. ...
  4. IndiaMart. ...
  5. TradeIndia. ...
  6. Amazon Business. ...
  7. TradeKey. ...
  8. TaiwanTrade.

What is the easiest marketplace to sell on? ›

If this sounds interesting to you, here's what you can do to build your own website from scratch.
  • Shopify. Shopify is the easiest and most reputable way to create your own store. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Bonanza. ...
  • Ruby Lane. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Chairish. ...
  • Swappa.
Nov 8, 2022

What is the fastest selling item on marketplace? ›

Top Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace in 2023
  • Fashion Apparel. Branded fashion apparel are some of the most selling stuff on the Facebook marketplace. ...
  • Furniture & Home Decor. ...
  • Mobile & Accessories. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Baby Care Products. ...
  • Sports Supplies & Fitness Equipment. ...
  • Health & Wellness Products. ...
  • Toys.
Dec 7, 2022

What is the biggest online marketplace in USA? ›

Amazon in the US

Amazon is the most popular online marketplace in the US, with two billion visits per month.

How to buy from Alibaba without getting scammed? ›

7 tips for buying safely on Alibaba.com
  1. Assess suppliers' badges thoroughly. ...
  2. Check the price. ...
  3. Pay through verified methods. ...
  4. Check for ratings and reviews. ...
  5. Avoid brand name products. ...
  6. Check out the company's history and transaction-level. ...
  7. Confirm products or request samples before buying.
May 26, 2022

Is virtual wholesaling real? ›

What Is Virtual Wholesaling? Virtual wholesale real estate involves buying and selling a property remotely, without ever visiting it in person. This transaction takes place via a computer or smartphone, and investors will sign the necessary documentation electronically.

Is Costco a true wholesaler? ›

Key Takeaways. Costco is a wholesale retailer selling discounted goods through membership warehouses and online.

Which is the most profitable wholesale business? ›

What is the best wholesale business to start?
  • Furniture Business.
  • Stationery Business.
  • Agrochemical Business.
  • Kitchen Utensils Business.
  • Textile Business.
  • Jewellery Business.
  • Organic Food Business.
  • Snack Distribution Business.
Oct 22, 2022

What states to virtual wholesale? ›

This is discussed below.
  • What Makes A State Best For Wholesaling Real Estate?
  • 18 Best States To Wholesale Real Estate In 2022.
  • California.
  • Texas.
  • Florida.
  • North Carolina.
  • Georgia.
  • Pennsylvania.
Mar 15, 2022

How do I find bulk buyers? ›

Attend networking events and trade shows to meet interested investors. Launch an email marketing campaign to reach large numbers at a time. Start a direct mail campaign searching for potential buyers. Hand out business cards to anyone you meet, letting them know what you are looking for.

What percentage do wholesalers take? ›

Set your wholesale price

Apparel retail brands typically aim for a 30% to 50% wholesale profit margin, while direct-to-consumer retailers aim for a profit margin of 55% to 65%. (A margin is sometimes also referred to as “markup percentage.”)

Do you have to have money to start wholesaling? ›

Do you need a license to do wholesale real estate? If you are about to start wholesaling, you don't need any cash in your pockets. You simply sign a contract without the intention of actually buying the property. The goal is to assign the contract to a buyer before the closing process.

Can I start wholesale without any experience? ›

You don't need to be an expert, but you need to pay attention, follow through, and execute the steps below. Depending on how much time and effort you can put into wholesaling, you could quite possibly replace your current income/job and become a full-time wholesaler if you choose to.

What is a good profit margin for a wholesaler? ›

Manufacturers and wholesalers typically seek at least 15 to 20 percent profit margins on products. However, some industries such as cellphone or pharmaceutical industries enjoy high profit margins that are sometimes well over 100 percent.

What brands offer wholesale accounts? ›

General merchandise:
  • Alibaba.
  • DollarDays.
  • SaleHoo.
  • Amazon Business.
  • TradeKey.
  • Banggood.
  • Wholesaledeals.
  • Worldwide Brands.
Jun 15, 2022

How do I find wholesale properties near me? ›

Another way to find properties to wholesale is to search real estate websites for on-market and off-market property listings to find ones that fit your wholesale criteria.
2. Pull Lists
  1. HouseCashin Wholesale Property Marketplace.
  2. Zillow.
  3. Redfin.
  4. Trulia.
Jun 14, 2021

What are the three major world marketplaces? ›

Executive Summary. Three global marketplaces dominate retail ecommerce in different regions of the world: Alibaba in China, Amazon in North America and Western Europe, and Mercado Libre in Latin America.

What are the 3 biggest marketplaces of Amazon? ›

Which Amazon marketplaces have the most top sellers?
13 more rows


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